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Buell Front Fork Black anodised / DLC all types

Product number:ANOBLGDDLC
Price excl. VAT:€ 620,32

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» Buell Front Fork Black anodised / DLC all types

Product description

When You send us your Buell Front Fork Legs, we can offer a anodizing / overhaul service for all Buell front legs,

What we do:

2 x front outer leg

2 x spring adjusting caps ( top cap )

2 x axle mount ( lower pieces )

2 x inner fork tubes will get a DLC ( black coating )

Your front legs will be disassembled and all worn seals and guide bushing will be replaced. And your front leg will be assembled on returning to you. Normal  process time is about 2 weeks,

But as this is a difficult to control process please leave a little room for a longer process time.

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DLC coating is a Black “ diamante like coating”
A very hard and slippery layer , which reduced slick stick , ( friction in the front legs, and ads to the ware resistance )

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