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Buell 1125 models 2009-2010 replacement stator

Product number:21120989  

Price excl. VAT:€ 242,00
Product description

New Buell 1125R and 1125CR 2009-2010 stator. This stator is wound with 240 degrees C wire (vs. 200 degrees C stock) and ready to mount.

**Before installing this rebuilt stator be sure to get the upgraded version from us The TM developed rotor, otherwise stators will continue to burn and will not be covered under warranty.

Also highly recommanded to buy ;

Rotor with oil jet modification

Timing cover Gasket R0008.1AM

New Rotor Nut CD0032.1AMA

Crank shaft locking tool 

Loctite 272

Plug and play Mosfet regulator

not always needed, but advised for original exhaust

Exhaust gaskets 2x

Here is the movie how to remove your damaged stator

And here is the movie how to use our cranck locking tool

and here you can buy our cranck locking tool


We highly recommand to use high them silicon gasket to keep the stator wire in place. look HERE

Installation 1125 Rotor / Nut  ( update tightening procedure )

Note Crank Locking tool is already in position
1.     Match the double tooth spline on the crankshaft with the gap in splines.
        in the rotor hub and slide the flywheel hub onto the crankshaft
2.    Press the flywheel onto the starter gear.
3.    Rotate the starter gear and the freewheeling gear until the teeth mesh
4.    Clean the threads of the crankshaft and crankshaft nut ( ALWAYS USE A NEW NUT ) with brake cleaner

Note Where LOCTIDE 272 ( red ) is unavailable , Use LOCTIDE 278 ( red )
5.    Install the flywheel nut
a.     Apply LOCTITE 272 ( red )  to the threads and the mating face off the crankshaft nut.
b.    Tighten to 285 NM ( 210 ft-lbs )
c.    Back off the nut counter clockwise approximately 720 degrees
d.    Tighten to 285 NM ( 210 ft- lbs )
e.    Back off the nut counter clockwise approximately 720 degrees
f.    Final tighten to 400 NM ( 295 ft-lbs )

6.    Remove the crank shoaft locking tool
7.    Install the plug and tighten to 15 Nm ( 11 ft-lbs )


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