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Buell Tube 1250cc kit BLACK finish (IRON)

Product number:NRHS004-NAIL3563XLSK-BH  

Price excl. VAT:€ 1.172,00
Product description

Buell 1250 Kits With Iron Lined Aluminum Cylinders. Fits all Tube frame Buell's from 1996-1198, use with Lightning Heads.

1250 Kits With Iron Lined Aluminum Cylinders. Iron Lined Aluminum construction offers greater structural integrity with good heat dissipation and excellent ring seal. These kits work exceptionally well on Buells. Our superior quality Hurricane forged pistons combined with the the stronger, straighter, lower friction and cooler running cylinders from Axtell combine to give you MORE POWER, with increased reliability and longevity. And best of all, no case boring is required for installation!. But don't let the low price and ease of installation fool you. These kits are capable of making some serious horsepower. Multiple customers have reported over 120 rear wheel horsepower using these kits, totally streetable. NRHS's resident shop mule and errand runner, a 1999 Buell M2, pulled a whopping 124.8 rwhp! Each of these kits includes a pair of premium quality cylinders in your choice of iron lined aluminum or Axtell nicom plated aluminum construction, matching NRHS Hurricane forged pistons with tool steel wrist pins, Total Seal rings, and Cometic EST gaskets. We believe these to be the best parts available for your Buell. Kits are available for either Thunderstorm or Lightning cylinder heads, and can be configured for XB/2004 XLH1200R heads for no extra charge as well.

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