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Buell XB 12X Rear shock absorber

Product number:WP631-0798-00+625-0036-00  

Price excl. VAT:€ 725,00
Product description

Buell XB12X  Rear shock absorber tailor made delivery time 16 days.

This shock is special made for the Buell XB12X models only. On request we can make shorter models.

The reservoir carries the settings
for low- and high-speed compression adjustment. 22 clicks each allow optimal fine tuning without compromises.

At maximum compression speed, a safety valve prevents the shock from blocking hydraulically
avoiding uncontrolled jolts to damage the suspension system.

Naturally the preload is variably adjustable and the rebound can be manipulated externally by 22 clicks through the open bleed system.

remote spring preload adjustment

For our anniversary year the hydraulic preload adjustment was completely revised and now is delivered in the newest edition – it does not know its likeness! The spring can now be loaded by incredible 10 mm without any problem using
the external hand wheel. Most models come with a solid mounting bracket made of aluminum or stainless steel so that you do not have to search for the right mounting position.

with remote spring preload

Depending on the loading situation you can adjust the riding height very comfortably. We make this shock on riders weight.


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