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Buell XB Titanium TI Force Full Exhaust System

Product number:TF14012  
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Obsolete part:Please contact us for replacement alternatives.
Product description

TiForce is the worldâ_Ts finest titanium exhaust system available Titanium TI Force Exhaust System for Buell XB 9 and 12 R/S models. Will fir all '-04'-05'-06'-07'-08 model years. Polished stainless steel header and tail sections are mated with a titanium-sleeved stainless steel canister. System typically weighs 14 lb.

Enclosed parts: F Head Pipe 1 R Head pipe 1 F Middle Pipe 1 R Middle Pipe 1 2-1-2 Joint 1 Silencer Joint Pipe R 1 Silencer Joint Pipe L 1 Silencer 1 F Silencer Stay 1 R Silencer Stay R 1 R Silencer Stay L 1 R Silencer Stay L 1 Aluminum-collar 2 Spring (Short type) 6 3/8 UNC 4” Bolt 2 M8 Bolt 50mm 1 M8 Flange Lock Nut 1 M8 Washer 1 M6 Bolt 15mm 8 Screw Plug 1 Installation information: 1. Take off the under-cowl and standard exhaust. (NOTE! Please refer to the relevant manual.) 2. Lightly attach the head pipe on the rear bank side, and attach A/F sensor. *If the A/F sensor is not required, for race riding, etc., seal the hole with the enclosed screw plug. 3. Join, the head pipe, middle pipe and 2-1 joint. Attach the stay to the silencer, and attach it to the body lightly. The F Silencer Stay attached already to the silencer with M6-15*4 at the shipping. (M6-15*8, M8-50, M8 lock nut, M8washer, aluminum-collar*2、3/8-4“*2) 4. Remove the cap bolt M6-15, which is lightly attached to the joint pipe connection point of the silencer. (The bolt is to be used for attaching the tail pipe.) 5. Apply the liquid gasket to the flange surface of the joint pipe, and insert into the 2-1-2 joint. (Pic 4) 6. Using the bolt removed in above 5, attach the joint pipe L and R to the silencer. 7. Make sure the exhaust pipe is not touching any other part before tightening all fasteners. Then attach the spring. 8. Attach the battery. 9. Remove any oil on the exhaust pipe and silencer. 10. Make sure all bolts and nuts are tightly fastened. Run the engine and ensure there are no exhaust gas leaks. Completion of the installation. (Pic 8) *The middle pipe flair can be removed by cutting the attaching welds for use with big bore and racing engines. However fuelling adjustment will be required. (Pic 5) *There is possibility for the middle flair to come off, due to the spot welding. This will not affect any aspect of the performance.

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