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XB Rear wheel broadened to 6,25 x 17

Product number:XBRV-001  

Price excl. VAT:€ 1.077,00
Product description

Rear wheel original broadened to 6,25' x 17' for Buell XB models

Only possible if the original rear wheel will be sent to us! 
To broaden the rear wheel is a low-cost possibility to mount a wider rear wheel. 
In order to prevent a negative influence of the driving behavior, 
we only broadened the wheel up to a maximum size of 6.25”. 
After that the use of tires up to size 200/50 ZR 17 is possible. After the broadening, 
with each wheel a test will be done which they have to pass with 100%. 
After the wheel is done they will be delivered with a grounded surface. 
We also offer to do a high quality polishing for the rims at the left and right side ( extra charge) 
or can optional powder coat the wheel 
under normal conditions the lacquer in the inside of the wheel stays how it is and an additional varnishing isn’t necessary.

Technical tip:
In the direct comparison the wheel caster as well as the constructive high quantity distribution, 
to the front wheel of the BUELL XB model makes a carefully selection of the tire combination necessary. 
But there is a difference between handling and the stabile full throttle high speed drive. 
Here the personal sensation of the rider as well as preferred intended use decides. 
Basically you can say that most of the producers offer separate front tires for vehicles with higher pressure at the front tires.especially for this usage for example Metzeler = M, Dunlop = D, etc.). 
We recommend for BUELL XB models the usage of front wheels with special ability for an adequate directional stability while high speed driving. 
In none of our wheel tests in conjunction with BUELL XB with wheels until 200/50 ZR 17 wideness we could find one that was stabile. You recognize a clear swinging even with a speed from already 140km/h. 
Every Tire-wheel combinations in our survey report was tested by us and approved after that.  
But this is without a 100% warranty only with the original coat possible. We have a specific number of broadened XB BUELL rear wheels in our stock. 
There is the possibility that we can exchange the send wheel against another if it isn’t damaged. If this is the case please contact us in the run-up because of the exact model and model year as well as colour. 
The mounting with BUELL XB until a wheel wideness of 203mm doesn’t need additional spacer for the pulley. Just the original belt cover has to have space in the direct driving part. 
The delivery includes a TÜV certificate which includes the different tire combinations. The registration in the documents can be done from all TÜV test stations (§19,3).

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