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Low level senson switching unit

Product number:TM959  

Price excl. VAT:€ 26,25
Product description

Low level sensor switching unit

for Thermoresistor sensors and motogadget display or stand alone light / LED unit 

  • Low Fuel Warning Light Module for thermistor sender
  • Slow response means steady indication
  • operates LED low fuel warning light including Motogadget Motosign Mini
  • can be added to most vehicles with a thermistor low fuel sender

This Low Fuel Warning Light Module is our own design.

  • It lights an LED when the fuel level falls to a set level
  • it needs to be connected to a 1K thermistor type low fuel sender (the thermistors are universal, for a specific example see the   R6 Yamaha)

The Low Fuel Warning module has four connections, Power, ground, sensor, and LED.

full instructions are enclosed

  • The small size means it is easy to fit

The module has a deliberately slow response to changes in the input signal.

  • can replace most warning lights connected to thermistor low fuel senders
  • includes a pre-wired 3mm LED

This version is also compatible with the Motogadget Motosign Mini (either RED, Blue, or Centre Green LEDs)

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