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Motul Boost and clean 200ml

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Product description

Motul Boost and clean 200ml for Motorcycle use

a very usefull Fuel additive 

A fuel additive to be added to gasoline, which can be used in all types of 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke motorcycle engines.

Its powerful and dedicated formula allows both to increase the octane number and to clean the carburetors, injectors, valves, transfer ports and combustion chambers. Also cleans and lubricates the entire fuel circuit.
It is a gasoline additive compatible with E10 fuels (Ethanol 10 %).

Efficient combustion is a prerequisite for optimum engine operation. By increasing the gasoline octane number, MOTUL BOOST AND CLEAN MOTO allows:

 Better combustion and better performance.

 Faster start-ups and accelerations.

 Preservation of the combustion chamber cleanliness.

 Limitation of engine knocking and abnormal combustions.

A clean fuel system is a necessary condition for an effective engine running.


 Clean the carburetors or the injectors (for a better atomization).

 Prevent the formation of deposits and varnishes on inlet valves, transfer ports and in combustion chambers.

 Disperse condensation water in order to avoid any fuel system oxidation.

The use of MOTUL BOOST AND CLEAN MOTO will provide:

 Improved engine performance and driving pleasure.

 Improved combustion performance: start-up, idling and acceleration.

 Reduction of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

 Fuel savings.  Increased lifetime of the fuel system and the catalytic converter

Pour one dose (200 ml) of MOTUL BOOST AND CLEAN MOTO in a full tank of gas. For better efficiency, repeat every two full tanks

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