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Throttle cable check list.

Product number:Trottle cable assortment  
Price excl. VAT:On request
Obsolete part:Please contact us for replacement alternatives.
Product description

Below you can find a easy to use list to select the right throttle cablle for your Buell,

Buell S1, M2, S3 1996 -1998

TM-N0307.9  Throttle cable Open - Pull

TM-N0308.8 Throttle cable Close - Push


Buell X1, M2, S3 1999-2002

TM-N0307.KA  Throttle cable Open - Pull 

TM-N0308.KA  Throttle cable Closed - push


Buell XB 9 / 12  R Firebolt 2003-2007

TM-N0307.02A8A  Throttle cable open - Pull

TM-N0308.02A8A  Throttle cable closed - Push

TM701 Cable set, bought cables for Buell Firebolt 03-07


Buell XB 9-12 Lighting , S, Sx, Scg, SS, Stt 2003-2007

TM-N0307.1ADA Throttle cable Open - Pull

TM-N0308.1ADA Throttle cable Closed - Push

TM700 Cable set, bought cables for Buell Lightning 03-07


Buell XB12X Ullyssus 2006-007

TM-N0307.1AK  Throttle cable Open - Pull

TM-N0308.1AK  Throttle cable Closed - Pull

TM703 Cable set , bought cables for Buell Ullyssus 2006-2007


Buell XB9-12 Lightning S, SX, Scg, SS, Stt  2008-2010

TM-N0307.5AC  Throttle cable Open -Pull

TM-N0308.5AC  Throttle cable Closed - Push


Buell XB12X, XT, XP  Ullysses  2008-2010

TM-N0307.3AK  Throttle Cable Open - Pull

TM-N0307.3AK Throttle Cable Closed - Push


Buell 1125 CR Super bike handle bar

TM-N0307.1AT  Throttle cable Open - Pull

TM-N0308.1AT  Throttle cable Closed - Push

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