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Buell XB 90 ci bigbore kit

Product number:Buellbigbore90kit  

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Product description

Buell XB 90 ci bigbore kit 

1470 cc large fin cast iron cylinders , flat top pistons

!!! need case milling  to be mounted , ask us to build your engine

!!! needs fuel mapping !

the High tensile strength ductile iron makes for a straight, round, and stable bore, unaffected by the stresses placed on it by a running motor.

That means better ring seal from start-up to shut down, which means MORE POWER

This additional strength is especially important in the 90ci application, because the cylinder wall gets very thin on the pushrod side. Aluminum cylinders flex badly here, resulting in a loss of ring seal. In our experience, only high tensile ductile iron is strong enough to maintain a stable bore with the thin wall in the pushrod area brought on by the 90ci bore (3.875').

By eliminating the flex, these cylinders also avoid the all-too-common breakage of the spigots that protrude into the cases, a common failure mode of 88 and 90ci aluminum cylinders. The high strength construction also reinforces the cases tremendously, which are otherwise weakened by the case boring operation.

The pistons in these kits are forged from 2618 alloy and feature a thermal barrier coating on the top This coating reduces heat transfer into the pistons, to better match the piston's heat expansion characteristics to the cylinder, resulting in a more robust combination

The pistons also feature a clearance control coating on the skirts

This results in a tight fit into the cylinder initially, and then the coating wears-in to the cylinder wall, resulting in the precise amount of clearance needed, thus improving piston stability and ring seal as well as reducing cold engine piston slap noise common with forged pistons

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