Buell M2,X1,S1,S2,S3 rear shock 42cm=16,54 inch

Product number:TMtube42cm  

Price excl. VAT:€ 655,00
Product description

TM TUBE BUELL SHOCK ABSORBER. with E-mark / ABE / TUV aproval 

Please mention your Buell model when ordering 

This is for the 42 CM or 16,54 inch eye to eye lenght shock absorber. We only except orders when the lenght is measured from front center shock eye to rear center shock eye.  Here you can find our SHORT MODEL REAR SHOCK.  The weight is 3.9 Kilo.

The riders weight for the rear shock is the same as stock. Look in your manual for your Buell to see what the riders weight is for your specific model.

We will deliver a lifetime warranty when the maintenance is done on the shocks every 2 year.

The Twin Motorcycles shock will fit the following Buell models:

- Buell M2 all years

- Buell S1 all years

- Buell S2 all years

- Buell S3 all years

- Buell X1 all years

- Buell RR1000+RR1200 and RS1200 models all years.

- C-Spanner for preload adjustment included

- up graded dust wiper seal

The shock is tested at different locations in the world by different Buell riders on different Buell models.

We are devloping a model with a High/Low speed adjuster that has 50 clicks adjustment.

Install Manual is online here:



M2 Cyclone  EB 1
H 657 / e1-92/61-00006 M M140  0594-00  1997-2007  SP4012

S1 Lightning EB 1
H 657 / e1-92/61-00006 M M140  0594-01  1996-1999  SP4012

S1 White Lightning EB 1
H 657 / e1-92/61-00006 M M140  0594-02  1998-1999  SP4012

Buell S2 Thunderbolt EB 1
H 657 / e1-92/61-00006 M M140  0594-03 1994-1996 SP4012

Buell S3 Thunderbolt EB 1
H 657 / e1-92/61-00006 M M140 0594-04 1997-1999 SP4012

Buell X1 Lightning BL1
H 657 / e1-92/61-00006 M M140 0594-05 1999-2002 SP4012

Buell X1 White Lightning BL1 
H 657 / e1-92/61-00006 M M141 0594-06 2002 SP4012

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