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Buell XB12 04-07 49mm Throttle shaft kit

Product number:TM003kit  

Price excl. VAT:€ 80,66
Product description

Buell XB12 04-07 49mm Throttle Body shaft. For Buell X1, Buell S3 Buell XB9 2003 ckick HERE.

Fit's all Buell outside 49mm and inside 43mm Throttle body's

Twin Motorcycles developed this throttle Body shaft for all Buell  XB12 models 2004-2007

With our shaft you have a much stronger part to. It is made from very high quality chrome 42 steel. This has a higher tensile strength than 'normal steel'.

and come with new shaft bearings 

to lock the screws please use loctide 648 this looks like overkill but you really don't want these screws ever to come out by vibrations 

please note the throttle shaft is pre drilled for 2004-2006 throttle bodies and 2007 throttle bodies, so bought TPS sensors will fit 

the TPS needs to be set properly after replacement 

For Buell X1, Buell S3 Buell XB9 2003 ckick HERE.

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