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Product number:TWECMREFLASH  

Price excl. VAT:€ 200,00 € 100,00
Product description

We offer the service to reprogram the stock Buell ECM without going to the dyno. For the older models we can e-mail you the file to program it with ECMSPY, and we support how to do that. For the newer models Buell we do that online when your bike is connected to the internet with us.

After 11 years of dynowork we know it is possible and we have the products too do it. We have programmed customers all over the world. The most customers have a stock setup and problems with a not smooth running bike, and a bike who is getting really hot because of the lean conditions. We have more then 50 combinations of Fuel maps available for all models. - The old Tuber all years - XB9 till 2009 - XB12 till 2010 - 1125 till 2010 You need to send us the ECM and tell us when you order this article - chassi number - model and year - amount of miles/km on the bike - what type of airbox - what type of headers - what type of muffler We program ECM's 5 days a week.

There is nobody in the World who would be able to deliver you a better product. For the customers with different Engine sizes, call before ordering.

Be aware that we skipped a lot of exhaust manufacturers from our website becuase off poor performance or poor quality of the exhaust systems, and we are not going to make new fuelmaps anymore for exhaust that we don't have in our list. This is a 5 day job, when you pay us we do it for you, you only need to send us your exhaust.

So always first mail us if we have your setup.

We Guarantee 200% very good running bike with our Torque Hammer exhaust line. 

Our fuel map will give you: - smooth running bike on low RPM - strong running engine in all RPM - direct throttle respons And a engine with the correct amount of fuel, is running with les heat build up, and will live longer.

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