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Buell XB 2003-2010 Billet catch can kit

Product number:TMoilcatchcanset  

Price excl. VAT:€ 212,01
Product description

Buell XB 2003-2010 models Black Anodized Billet catch can for all Buell XB 9/12 models from 2003-2010. IN STOCK.

Catch can mounts to the front of the oil cooler mount, and is specifically designed for the Buell XB, so it looks like it belongs there. When you run your crankcase breather lines out of the intake, some accumulation occurs- You can terminate the lines to just a breather filter, but you’ll get some oil drip. This catch can catches that oil drip that accumulates.  includes the inlet and outlet damper and a drain fitting. T-piece and 1 meter 3/8 hose  

You may want to put a Breather filter K&n 62-1000 or equivalent filter on the outlet hose to act as a "diaper" for any residual oil mist, you need to replace the oil vapour damper for a barb fitting 1/8 Npt and piece of hose 

 This kit contains the following parts:

Product numberPart name
4450K1breather muffler1x
4921K32Drain valve catch can1x
MCS509685-3225-00054Fuel / Oil hose 3/81x
53525K46hose adaptor 3/8 catch can1x
92125A216M5 x 25 countersunk stainless screw2x
10068789O-ring NBR 36624 114x31x
10027574O-ring NBR 5x 32x
5463K608WT-connector 3/8 inch1x
20180035XB Catch can housing + cover1x

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