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Buell XB and 1125, 1190, FRONT brake disc with TUV

Product number:DF820W  
Price excl. VAT:On request
Obsolete part:Please contact us for replacement alternatives.
Product description

TM Front brake disk will fit all Buell XB9 and XB12 models and all Buell 1125R and Buell 1125CR models from 2003-2010.  And all EBR 1190 models.

Twin Motorcycles Buell XB9/12 and 1125R/CR all models wave FRONT brake disc for all models and all years with TUV. COMES WITH 1 YEAR UNLIMMITED WARRANTY. ALWAYS MOUNT NEW BRAKE PADS OR YOUR WARRANTY IS GONE. THEY ARE NOT MADE IN CHINA.

Mounting hardware;

Bolts CA0014.02A8  6 x needed

Springs H0505.02A8 6 x needed

Drive Bushings H0506.02A8B 6x needed 

Washers CB0006.02A8  6 x needed 

We recommand to use new brakepads. Also we recommand to brake in the disc and pads the first 100 miles careful. 

This brake product is only available through Twin Motorcycles direct or one of our dealers in the world. We recommend to mount the disc where it says Galver patend on the disc at the inlet air.

These rotors are made of a proprietary 420 high carbon stainless steel for increased memory retention during heat cycles. NOT MADE IN CHINA Each Wave disc is laser cut for precision and to eliminate the stress most other discs occur during stamped manufacturing. All rotors are stress tested using our COSMOS analyzing system.

Each Wave design goes through an extensive brake dyno test which allows evaluation of its performance in conditions no rider can create on the road. Patented Wave design includes not only an outer Wave but also an inner Wave which equalizes heat transfer and dissipates much faster

With the exception of solid mount Wave rotors, Galfer features full floating Wave blades which ensure optimum pad to rotor contact for maximum stopping force and feel.



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