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Buell 1125 Stage 1 Kit from Twin Motorcycles

Product number:1125stage1kit  

Price excl. VAT:€ 955,80
Product description


Here is our complete stage 1 kit for your Buell 1125. This kit is for the 2008 Buell 1125R and Buell 2009-2010 1125R and 1125CR. The only difference is mapping.

This kit contains the following parts:

Product numberPart name
TM1125intakestack10180155-00Buell 1125 Performance Intake stack1x
Buell1125TH2Buell 1125 Torque Hammer 2 exhaust1x
10111725Buell 1125R / 1125CR K&N Air filter BU-11081x
TWECMREFLASHTM ECM Reflash all models1x

The Dynosheet is from the Torque Hammer on a 2009 1125CR we tested here for a customer.

We developed this package to run in all different countries in the world.

THE ECM needs to be programmed Our stage 1 kit CANNOT run on a stock ECM, and needs to have the latest flash from Buell inside. To do this you need this USB cable. And you need to make a appointment with us to online program it. To do this you need a battery charger and install a free program called Team Viewer

Ans yes, our ECM and the love we put in it makes your Buell 1125 run better then the EBR ECM. And yes it will make better performance too then the EBR ECM, our customers tells us that that run track and street.

You can also purchase a new ECM from us

We guarantee the kit will make at least 135 RWHP or more up to 144 is possible. It all depends on engine conditions, oil level and brand and some more things (-:

We advice to use 10W-40 Full synthetic Motul oil and use the right spark plugs NGK CR9EKB

The development and more info can be found here: 


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