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Bolt on Buell 1125R, 1125 CR very fast stage 1 Kit

Product number:TM1125Rstage1  
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Obsolete part:Please contact us for replacement alternatives.
Product description

Buell 1125R and 1125 CR Twin Motorcycles Stage 1 Kit.

We Guarantee 137 HP SAE Corrected on the rear wheel. And we guarantee the best performing low end torque exhaust in the world. Because we developed it like that (-:

We made this kit with the best Low End Torque possible on your bike. The fuel and timing map is beautiful and made with care by us.

We also recommand our intake stacks for even more Torque on the whole powerband.

It is very smooth on the throttle, and very strong over the whole RPM range.

The Torque is so much that wheel slip and wheelies are the most common things too happen. This complete Kit is made by Twin Motorcycles as a complete replacement kit.

All the parts are selected and tested and made by us for the best combination of Torque, at low RPM.

The basic Kit contains:

-The Torque Hammer Slip-on muffler made by Twin Motorcycles

-K&N air filter

-Reprogramming of the stock ECM only.

You need to send us the ECM for reprogramming.

It took us more then 1200 dynoruns too make it perform as the best torque exhaust on the market. We know because we tested all the other products on the same dyno with the same bike.

Here is the article with the whole story about developing the exhaust and Fuel map:

At this moment in UK England, Joe holds the world record with the fastest street 1125R on the drag strip (400 meter sprint) with our Torque Hammer exhaust and reprogrammed ECM.

This is done on a streetlegal bike stock headers This exhust, filter and reprogrammed ECM.


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