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Buell XBRR the first shake-down

9-4-2008 - The First track miles of our Buell XBRR. We are preparing her for the Ducati Club race on the 23rd-25th of May 2008.

We are preparing for the shake down with the Buell XBRR, with the rider Ed van Weel, Monday late in the evening we arrived, and we travelled to the Track, a cold but nice day ahead.


These are the first track moments for our Buell XBRR, she had been on the Dyno for the first miles to test and braking in the engine, and ofcourse for making the fuel maps for the bike which was really necessary


Ready to Rumble


Warming up the bike, and last and final checks.

Ed checking out the bike

Waiting for the track to open.

Ed's getting more and more used to the bike.

The shake down was to prepare the bike for racing, and let Ed get a feeling and change the things he would like to.

A good thing we did this, because some changes need to be made to compete in the very competitive Thunder bike Races during the Ducati Club race.

We changed the original front disk and pads, because after 2 rounds they were very used. The new ones were a hole lot better than the original disks. (1 mm thicker)

(Special thanks to Jean-Claude from HD Central Veghel for getting them for us)

Lock tide was used, but it was not enough (oil down)... so lock wire will also be placed here.

The gearing needs to be longer, to give her more top speed, The bike has enough power.

Power is good, very good. the Engine was purring like a Tiger,

Gear lever / Shifter needs to be changed, seating position as well (to give Ed some more working room)

From our point of view the shake down was a success all the problems were pointed out and we are going to change the things to make the driver be one with the XBRR.

The engine held out fine (It was tuned in safe mode and running very rich)

Some points need to be adjusted, and some things need to be changed.

We all had a good feeling at the end of the day because we pointed out all the weak points.

Special thanks to Ed ,Jean-Claude and Central Veghel and Klaas for the catering ;-)