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XBRR first startup

9-12-2010 - Dris his Buell XBRR was in need of some tender love and care. There where almost no more excuses. The starter motor and Slipper clutch were collecting dust.

So it was becoming time to start the Buell XBRR beast up for the first time,
to let here at least heat cycle a few time, before we run here on the dyno.

first we have to mount the starter motor,

because with the slipper clutch mounted, there’s no other way to start here

so far so good,

primairy off , and have a look at the trapdoor for the gearbox,

with the trapdoor the gearbox is a lot quicker to service than with a normal Xb engine

but the engine is a very tight fit in between the frame, so we had to rotate anyway


gearbox site

note the completely different crankpin,

there's a small altenator and a little rotor mounted on the crank trigger wheel

some very nice part form the STM slipper clutch

some more nice things

thight fitting exhaust adaptor ( no gasket needed )

starter motor in, again it fits but only just

wires in place, the RR was prewired for a starter motor, so al the other electrical stuf like relais, fuses, switch where already in place

we where eager to put here back to getter and start here up

she's purring like a little mean kitting with claw's of a tiger