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How to change a belt on a Buell XB

7-12-2015 - How to change or replace your Belt on a Buell XB 2003-2010 models.

How to change a Belt on a Buell XB, this is for all Buell XB 9/12 models from 2003 and up.

For some models the procedure can be different, but the basic procedures are  the same for all models.

Tools needed

T27, bit or screw driver 

1/4” allen head,  3/16 “ allen head, 3/8” allen head socket set, 

Or a Allen wrench set   

7/8 “ axle tool you can also use the tool provided in your tool kit that came with the bike, using a 22mm - 7/8" hex socket 

Paddock stand

a Torque wrench is highly recommended,

basic hand tools like rachet and exstentions 

Belts can be found here 



In this example a buell XB 12 S model year 2006 – up is described, the basics are the same for all the models 

Loosen the rear axle pinch bolt

Loosen the rear axle, turn the axle loose about 15 turns,  until the wheel is on the narrow part off the axle , notice if the wheel bearings are seized on the axle, using too much force can crack the welds in the swing arm on the 2006 up models.  When bearings are seized, usually a tap on the left side off the swing arm with a mallet and some protection not to damage the swingarm will loosen the bearings.


Take off the pulley cover, in some cases you will need to remove the chin spoiler

Take off the upper belt cover

Take off the lower belt cover

Loosen the foot peg mount plate, in case off a Ullysses with side case rack you will need to loosen the screw to the side case rack to



Now loosen and remove the swing arm brace bolts and take off the brace

Now it is very useful to have a paddock stand , but the belt can be changed with the wheel on the ground , in this case off a belt replacement, as the belt was cracked , take  the old belt off

now is also the time to inspect the front and rear pulley for ware and sharp edges , when pulley's get worn they will become sharp, this will shorten the life of your belt dramaticly , belts and pulleys ware harder in sandy conditions, driving allot in the rain ( dirt and sand in the spray ) and by road salt corroding on the pulleys 

New belts are tight, they need some 1000 km to stretch ( running in ) mount the belt in the direction so the text is readable , start the belt on the front pulley and idler pulley wheel, and guide the belt on the bottom side off the rear pulley , turn the rear wheel with care backwards and the belt will go on the rear pulley , don’t mind if it douse not line up, this will come !!! please note that removing the idler pulley assembly is the official way, but in many cases with the new tight Belt,  it will be very hard to put this back on, handle ling the belt carefully back on will not harm it !!

Now before you tighten the belt by turning the rear axle , first mount back the swing arm brace , tighten the screws to  34 NM , if your axle was seized on the bearing, please remove ,clean and apply neverseas before the axle back in

Mount back the foot peg mounting plate , little drop off Blue loctite , and tighten the screws to 14NM

Now tighten the rear axle, I like to by turn the wheel forward while doing so. to line up the belt ,  Tighten to 35 NM, loosen 2 full turns and retighten the axle to 66NM

Don’t forget to tighten the rear axle pinch bolt to 60 NM

And put the belt covers back, use some light grade loctite or neverseaz