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How to replace a fuel pump on a Buell XB 9/12

1-6-2021 - for all Buell XB 9 or 12 models from 2003-2010, a short guide how to replace the fuel pump


For all Buell XB it is needed to remove the swing arm to get the fuel pump out,

 So bike should be supported under the engine with a jack secured and secured so it is save to work on  ( exhaust removed )

Or the rear needs to be lifted in a hoist, to have the weight off the rear wheel

Removing the exhaust to place a jack or hoisting the bike  is not covered in this how to


fuelpumpkitXB for the 2003-2009 models

Loosen the battery pole

Remove the left foot peg bracket

Support the bike so the rear wheel and swing arm can be worked on


Remove the rear wheel, and loosen the swing arm axle and remove the axle , loosen the rear shock absorber connection to the swing arm and support the free hanging swing arm


Remove the electrical connector to the fuel pump , and drain the fuel tank by removing the drain plug * if your fuel  pump still works the fuel tank can be pumped empty by disconnecting the fuel line from the injectors and prime ( contact on-off ) the ignition, or with diagnostics software en perform the fuel pump diagnostic test, or to hot wire the pump  


Remove the fuel line connection  * note some fuel will come out

Start loosening the 4 screw holding the fuel pump in the frame

The middle hole can be used as a pulling point to pull the pump out, using a big washer under the bolt 

this will leak the last fuel from the fuel tank


Protect the swing arm , as you need to rotate the fuel pump and pull it out

Cut the hose clamp from the pump outlet

And disconnect the wires

Remove the C-clip

And unscrew the ground screw, and you can pull off the fuel pressure regulator mount

You can now slide off the bracket holding the pump and filter

Remove the fuel pre filter and make a note of  the mounting position and inspect the rubber seals in the fuel filter if they are in good condition,  if they start to crack or split replace these ( this is 2005 –up fuel pump model )

And remove the fuel pump

And slide the new pump in place to the same mounting position

Press the new pre filter in place ( provided in the kit )

And bend this so it will fit in the frame

Press the bracket holding the fuel pump and filter back in place, and place the regulator bracket back,  and secure the c-clip

Connect the 2 terminals back, and mount the ground terminal back with the screw  

Slide the new hose clamp over the hose and slide the hose on the fuel pump outlet, and pinch the hose clamp so it is tight

We advice to use new O-rings partnumber P0121.02A8A, as the rings will get swollen when you remove the pump

A little o-ring grease to protect the o-rings better while mounting


And rotate the pump back in the frame , tighten the screws back evenly , and reconnect the fuel line and electrical connector

Place back the Swingarm axle and mount back the rear wheel, battery connections 

fil the fuel tank with a little fuel, prime the fuel pump and line by switching ignition on and off,  and check for leaks ,  and place back the foot peg bracket 

and start the bike, it can run a little bad for a smal moment due to air in the fuel line, but this wil be gone very quickly