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Mounting a under seat cooling scoop on a Uly

17-9-2014 - How to lower the seat temperature Xb have a hot seat , the cooling fan blowing hot air under the seat douse not help For the Ulysses models is a little in-expensive cooling scoop available to close off most off the hot air flow under the seat

Comfort kits come with underseat scoop , right side airscoop and exhaust heat shield 

Comfort kit bikes with catalistic converter ( mostly Euro models 2008 and up )

Comfort kit bikes with our catalistic converter ( 2006-2007 all models and US models 2008 and up )


loose under seat scoop can be found here


Mounting this under seat scoop can be a little tricky,

A little description on how we do it,

Normal view under the seat from a Uly you notice the gap, if you look at the gap and see the shock absorber,

from here allot off heat will get under the seat



Remove the ecm and battery



Now remove the screws holding down the battery tray on the right side, remove the rear shock absorber canister



Now you can loosen the right seat frame rail 2 screw at the front and 2 at the rear take some protective measurements,

and temporary secure the rail so there is no tension on the brake reservoir hose



Cut the zip tie holding the gearbox breather hose to the rear shock this will go later on thought the designated hole ,

place the rear shock canister back in its slot so the cover will line up nicely


Ok ready to put the seat rail back on, Pull up the canister a little to get the screw started holding the undertray to the side rail





Having little  ratchet tools with T27 bits helps


As the ecm is hold on with a nut in plastic tension, and they spin out allot , as in this case, and the nut is almost inaccessible from below ,

we drill a little 2e hole next to the ecm mounting point


The trick with the bended zip tie  in the first hole and out the other hole


Ecm back in place, not on this bike, but if there are plastic spacers on your ecm,

use them to relieve the seat from pushing on the ecm

Push the gearbox breather hose through the hole on top off the scoop, and enjoy the much cooler seat in a test ride