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Buell XB 2008 Project Grace

10-1-2009 - This is a special Project for the owner and for us.

This is a brand new XB12S 2008 model 25e aniversery edition with  80 km on the odometer.

This Buell is going to be transferred in to a beautiful bike worthy off  the name Grace


This bike is dedicated to The dear departed mother of the owner.

The beginning






and 80 kilometers later


The motor is being stripped and all the parts are going to be painted.

The New Thunderstorm engine.

Part off the new injection system, with auto calibration for idle rpm

The motor is being stripped and all the parts are going to be painted.

The Hot Performance Race headers mounted.

Striped off everything that is going to be changed.


where sitting on our hands..waiting for the powdercoat pieces to arrive again ( they did arrive, but we send it back because it was not up to our standards )

so we started with some small detailing

The poely was painted black to give it a nice look, thru the open belt cover, and a Jim's Mega nut was mounted.

Looks a lot better than that soon to be rusty nut 


The RRC rearset was mounted , wiring and hoses cleaned up

A XB RR rear brake disk was mounted

for now that was all we could fit, ontill we get the powdercoat stuff back.


finaly the powercoat was back and looking very nice

All black Tail section

White tail led light and directional indicators

Black tripple tee's to match the black annodiced front fork

Ast custom made rear schok


Cleaned up the electronics , installed the HID kit in the head licht unit , made room for the balast..

Put the handle bar in the right position, looking for clearance between the airbox cover and handle bar switches,

located the handle bar switches on there position and marked theme to dril the locking holes



The front legs where send back to the anodising shop , Grr.. coating was very thin and didn't stick very good, so we asked theme to redo it

now the legs are perfect

very nice front end.


the rizoma handels

same colour adjustment knop as the fork suspention adjusters

left side with navigation mount

with Free spirits reverso exhaust

Ready to rumble ;-) , to tune the motor properly for the ehaust , and put some kilometers on her still very new engine


First time out in a ( to ) long time.

adjusted the suspention on the owners weight,

had to make more room for the AST custom rear shock to give it more room ( was hitting the bellypan )

Clutch cable holding clip broke during the test drive, fitted a improved one,

but that's all in a day's job,

so finaly she is ready, i'm very pleased with the result, a stunning bike, clean and nice 

now for the owner the give her some easy miles, to run the engine in ,

after that Dris can make the final fuel mapping for the bike.