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Buell XB Lightning Modifying seat for Tail raisers

15-2-2014 - a Little How to, make your seat fit nicer when using Tail raisers

When you have installed your Tail raiser kit you will notice the seat will not line up very nice to the airbox cover, and the seat lock till be hard to lock

notice the gap to the airbox cover

Take the seat off ,

You will need some protection material  not to damage the seat cover , a ratchet strap and a heat gun

Strap in the seat using the protective material to protect the fragile seat cover

Now go ahead turn the seat over and heat the base plate at the already existing bend in the seat pan

aply gently the heat , don't get it to hot

now tighten the ratchet, so the front off the seat bends back,

don't over tighten, it is easyer to bend backwards than forward


and let the plastic seat pan cool, so it will fixate in the pulled back position, and test fit

Looks good, seat locks perfect and lines up with the airbox cover


now you see the bending has given the seat some wrinkles, these will naturely smooth out by time, but you can speed up this process by gently aply some heat to the wrinkles

carefull is key !! the seat cover material is delicate


Wrinkles out, the small marks you see will clean up with some riding