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Buell XB12SS 2009 Crank Case repair

1-2-2013 - Here is a vieuw off what seems to be a little crash but that has a big damage

Here is a vieuw off what seems to be a little crash but that has a big damage .
One of our customers contacted us if we could repair his crash damage on hie Buell XB12SS 2009.
The Buell XB12SS 2009 was written off by his official HD and Buell dealer for repair, the Bill was 9000 dollar, because the engine would need replacement.
What happened, the bike was crashed not really that hard, but very unlucky on the shifter lever, that happends 90% of the times.
Normally the shift leffer will only break off with a damaged primary cover, and that is it.
In the picture above you can see that the Bearing circlip is knocked out by the bearing dus to the impact.
In this case the gear lever didn't shift, and it was trying to engage 2 gears in the same time.
This is nornally not possible but in trying to shift with the crash it broke a teeth off the main shaft, countershaft and 5th gear and  it was trying to force
the countershaft outside the engine case, look in the picture below.
There was Mainshaft damage
There was counter shaft damage
There was 5th gear damage
Don’t get me wrong it’s a big job to repair, because the engine needs to be completely disassembled, cases split, cleaned up and the edge welded up again, 
milling the bearing hole back to size and in the right alignment , and the new circlip recess milled in, but as we are a specialized company in Keeping Buells on the road
we can do it. And for a whole lot less than a replacement engine  as adviced by the dealer.
And repaired and ready to assemble again.

Don't hesitate us to ask what we can do for you when you have something somebody else is asking to much money for or simply says it cant be repaired.

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