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Mounting instructions Buell XB Torque Hammer

5-9-2018 - Below is the instruction how to mount our Torque Hammer exhaust for all Buell XB models.

These Mounting instructions where made on a 2006 XB12 Ulysses. For removing the original exhaust on your Buell XB we recommand to see your original work shop manual

What’s in the box that we send,

look down at the picture, these are all the parts that are in the box. 




Before you start mounting the exhaust, you need to mount the left Chin spoiler bracket,

look up to see how it looks like, and look down to see how it is mounted.



 Remove the side stand, and put the Chin spoiler bracket in between the side stand and engine




Put the bolts back in and use red lockite 272 on the threaths and tighen theme to 25-27 ft/lbs ( 34-37 NM )



Prepare the exhaust for mounting.


Slip the connecting pipe in the exhaust , slide the mounting bracket on the pipe, and screw in the 2 M8 bolts with lock washers , do not tighten theme fully.



Slip the exhaust pipe clamp on



Mount the front exhaust hanger on the mounting point, and put the bolt true , do not tighten this bolt yet





Mount the exhaust on the bike, sliding the connecting pipe over the header,



And mount the 2 x bolts M6 in the mounting bracket, do not tighten them fully.


Make sure the exhaust is horizontal under the bike, if not rotate the exhaust to adjust this



Put the rear mouting staps over the rear exhaust bracket



And screw in the 2 M6 long bolts, to hold the exhaust,



check again if the alignment off the exhaust is good, and tighten the rear exhaust straps to 10 Nm.




Now tighten the front mounting brackets.



now mount the right Chin spoiler bracket




Mount back the Idler pulley, yes this is a different one then original (-:




Mount the support bracket first, do not tighten the nut and bolt completely




tighten the M8 bolts to 25NM

tighten the M6 bolt to 10 Nm


And place the Right spoiler bracket in front


Connect the two brackets



And tighten the front exhaust mount bolt



Tighten the rear idler pulley nuts to 33-35 ft/lbs ( 45-47 Nm )



Tighten the front exhaust mounting bolt to 25 Nm ( M8 )



Tighten the M6 bolt connecting the brackets to 10Nm



Tighten the exhaust clamp.







And mount the chin spoiler back, using the original bolts and the lock nuts delivered with the exhaust ( 36-48 In/Lbs , 4 -5 Nm )


Mount the two front chin spoiler bolts with a lock nut , to fix them to getter





Check the space between the rear exhaust straps and the idler pulley, and give the rear straps a little dent

with the back off a hammer to give the idler pulley some more play.



Mount the rear axle back torque the axle to 45-52 ft/Lbs (65-70 Nm ) , back the axle of 2 turns, and tighten the axle again to 45-52 ft/Lbs (65-70 Nm )



Tighten the rear axle pinch bolt to 40-45 ft/Lbs ( 54-61Nm )  


It should look like this when mounted without spoiler:



Make the necessary changes to your fuel system to get the most from your exhaust choice


We made for ALL BUELL XB models all years a 200% fitting fuel map. Please order when ordering the exhaust

or contact us how to get it inside your ECM.


Your new exhaust can smell a little after the first few rides, this is normal


Drive safe