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Buell XB rear caliper, repair kit

26-3-2019 - A little how to repair your Nissin Rear Brake caliper on a Buell XB9 and XB12

Due the the fact the 1 piston brake caliper works very heavy on the proper sliding function and piston action, we recommand maintenance. when you see your rear pads wear oneven we advice it to inspect clean or even do a little overhaul.

needed repair kit 


we have removed the caliper with bracket from the bike , and set it in the vise to loosen the slider screws and pad pin

Note this is all Metric !! 5 mm allen for the pad pin 

12 mm spanner M6 bolt 

14 mm spanner front pin ( band banjo for brake line ) 

with the slider bolt out you can take the hydraulic part from the mounting part , and take of the rubber boot 

on the hydaulic part take out the pad ratle spring 

and push the silder pin though the boot to remove it 

with the pin out the rubber booth is easy to remove

remove the piston , use a special plier , !!! or very carefully some airpressure in the brake fluid opening , if you use air pressure.. use something to catch the piston as it can shoot out with much force !!!

piston out,  with a fine tool pick the 2 seals rings they can be taken out

Clean it propper


New seal set ready to be mounted , can be found here in our webshop

clean and inspect the piston.. minor damage or corrosion can be sanded out with 800  wet sand paper 

with a little ATE brake caliper mounting paste ( found here in our shop )  gently push the new seals in 

push the piston in with a light coat of ATE grease

in full should go by hand.. but lyning up straight is important

new slider boot.. first in without mounting the pin

silder pin , lube and greas inside off the booth

push down both ways so the booth seats nice in the edge 

new bleeded dust cap on

and the front slider mount , clean , put some lube in the hole and push the pin in seat the grease , and put the new rubber in the groove

ready to be mounted

as the starting threads have a little taper. you can put this sliding bolt in cross threading , mounting and than sliding in the caliper to the mount works 

and rear bolt back in 

mount the pad in, push theme against the spring to mount the pad holder pin  ( new pads can be found here ) 

pad pin in do not super tighten this , hand tight is enough as the lock cap will secure it 

and what is left is to mount the rear caliper back on the bike and bleed the brake system

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