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Dyno 88CI Buell XB12 Sheets and data

8-2-2018 - 25-1-2018 Dyno 88CI Buell XB12 build by Twin Motorcycles Netherlands progress dynosheets and data about the Buell

This article is to show the progress on a mild normal 88CI build by us. running our Titanium Race Headers, our exhaust TH2 Dual exhaust good for Torque and our tune.

We will post daily progress and dyno charts here.

Day 1: Making the first 50Km 35 miles on this 88CI build after that change the run in oil. I put the airconditioning on and taking it slow. Day 2 will be running another 250KM (157 miles) not above 3500 RPM.

25-1-2018 Day 1: First 50Km (32 miles) below 3500 RPM adjusting the bike on low RPM and idle

26-1-2018 Day 2: more miles made still taking it slow nd oil change done

Day 3: Due to a flu no miles

Dya 4: bike is run in 300KM i try today to make the firsy WOT run. It's freezing today.