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26-5-2021 - UPDATE 30-10-2010 This topic is all about tuning the Buell 1125 CR 2009.

So 1125CR Lovers, here you will find all the tuning information about the Buell 1125 CR 2009 model.

The first thing we did is getting the bike on the Dyno and Mount everything:

There was no time for making the license plate disappear (-:

The Bike is completely stock.

- Stock air box

- Stock air filter

- Stock Exhaust, with catalyst convertor

- Stock ECM


Now ready for the first run with everything connected and a BONE STOCK ECM.

- Stock air box

- Stock air filter

- Stock Exhaust, with catalyst convertor

- Stock ECM


The bike makes 127.9 HP @ 10068 RPM and 96 NM of Torque @ 8816 RPM

We then only changed the airfilter with the K&N version, and left the bike stock, no changes to fuel where made.

In this graph we show you the first run and the run with the K&N Filter mounted to get a better picture what happend:



Stock bike with stock filter: The bike makes 127.9 HP @ 10068 RPM and 96 NM of Torque @ 8816 RPM

Stock bike with K&N Filter: The bike makes 129.9 HP @ 10309 RPM and 101 NM of Torque @ 8118 RPM


The graph Below is really important. It shows the Problem that exist with the Fuel at WOT when changing only the K&N filter.

Red Lines is with stock air filter and stock ECM, Blue line is with changing only the K&N Filter and stock ECM.


Everything looks oke now at Wide open Throttle, but when you see what happends when cruising and accelerating you don't want to do this. Always try to combine the filter with a exhaust and mapping.

Oke we go on.

Now I left the K&N filter in the Bike and start tuning the bike propperly The setup is now:

- Stock Air box

- K&N air filter

- Stock Exhaust, with catalyst convertor

- Stock ECM

I changed the Timimg map and adjusted the fuel only at WOT.

The result is now:

Stock bike with K&N Filter adjusted: The bike makes 134.3 HP @ 9974 RPM and 110 NM of Torque @ 7929 RPM

And below you see the difference in the graphs when you want to take care of your Buell 1125CR and keep the stock exhaust  and a K&N filter and take care of the Fuel.


Here is a example how the WOT (full throttle) AFR looks like for the front and rear cylinder, totally different then stock (-:


Oke next to come, almost X-Mas and still have to finish some fuel for this setup:

1. Fitting the Stage 1 Torque Hammer exhaust on a stock bike and make a run with stock airfilter

2. Then change the K&N filter with the Torque hammer exhaust and use stock ECM

3. Then adding Fuel to the combination Torque hammer exhaust and K&N filter.

And here is the product for sale:


UPDATE 6-1-2010:

Oke finished the stage 1 fuelmap with the latest Buell flash. Below you see a bone stocj run with the 1125CR and finished with our Stage 1 kit.


What is very clear in the above graph, is the amount of Torque the bike has on very low RPM range.

The stock run was:  127.9 HP @ 10068 RPM and 96 NM of Torque @ 8816 RPM

The Twin Motorcycles stage 1 KIT makes: 139. HP @  9897 RPM and 112 NM of Torque @ 7717 RPM

I will post later on more graphs to show the difference..


Update 10-1-2010:

Someone asked me to post a graph, where he could see the difference between a Remus-Termignoni

(same exhaust) and our stage 1 kit tuned, Oke look below blue line is the Torque Hammer exhaust.



Update: 18-1-2010

We finished the coorporation with a Famous Italian Exhaust maker. We will going to make all the ECM's for them. With every exhaust you buy, there will be a 100% perfectly adjusted ECM available. It will be a trading system, send your old, receive a new one back. We also will do all the development of the Exhaust with them. We soon will test the first XB 2008,2009,2010 slip-on and all the full systems for the 1125 CR and the 1125R, can't wait.



Update 30-10-2010:

We have in the mean time a lot of customers riding with our intake stacks

Today a customer showed up and asked me to put his 2009 1125CR on the dyno.

His setup is:

- Twin Motorcycles fuelmap in a stock ECM

- K&N filter

- Intake stacks

- Stock 1125CR exhaust with catalyc convertor


Here is the dyno sheet:


Yes Holy shit, that is excatly what i say after first riding the bike very warm and then made 1 run, and a second one.

It made 144.2 HP and 121 NM of Torque on a bone stock engine

And below a graph with a bone stock engine and the one from today


Here is a sheet for my USA friends, this run is made with, TM ecm update, TM intake stacks, K&N filer, Stock exhaust


And in USA format Joe elliot's bike also a 2008 1125R with TM ECM, intake stacks and EBR dragpipe.