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Buell 2009, 1125CR Tuning stock ECM

31-8-2009 - This article is mentioned to archive all the tuning with the stock ECM on all models Buell 1125R and Buell 1125CR. I start with the results on a 2009 Model 1125 CR.

After experimenting the last week with a Buell 1125CR 2009 model with our own developed Torque Hammer exhaust look here: hammer&a=

Today i finalized the fuell map for it. The bike is running beautiful, strong on the throttle, pulling like hell, and so smooth.

Here ar the results SAE corrected 143.8HP and 112 NM of Torque on the rear wheel.

People who like to have a smooth running bike, can send me the stock ecm. I program it and send it back.

This is for all the models and all building years Buell 1125R and  Buell 1125CR


I forgot to take a base run with the 2009 CR with the stock exhaust so i do that next time, In the graph down here, you see the stock run of a 1125R and the one with the tuned ECM.


And the AF of the front and rear cylinder.