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TM Buell 1125 R Supercup 1000 race 5&6

3-8-2009 - Cup race 5 & 6 2009 Report off the SuperCup 1000 races 5 and 6 Oschersleben Germany

Friday 3-7-2009


Packing the van for the trip to Germany,

To race on the track off Oschersleben,

Andre accompanied me on the 6 hours drive,


Ed, Piet-Jan, Bruno  where already there on the sun backed track, so the pit box was setup very fast, and we decided to have a meal at the track hotel.



Saturday early morning awake, with the healthy pre race tension.

Finally I had wired the quick shifter, and with a little help from Tim, set up the ecm,

so we can keep the Bank Angle sensor ( needed in our class )  it is now trickered true the side stand switch wires.

I adjusted the cut off time in the race ecm on the safe side ( 120 ms all gears ) we would go from there.

It worked like a charm on the Dyno,

Ed did his routine checking the front and rear suspension setup, and called me to the bike

no happy faces


The fuel injector connecting line had broken off , he just thought it and the connecting pipe broke off….

Dham no fun there, that’s one off the spare parts we don’t carry around , we don’t even have.

the broken bit


And on a track as the only buell , we can forget any other rider has one

Called Dris at the shop to tell him the bad news, and asked him to give some address for buell dealers in the aria, no change in hell that any buell dealer has one in stock , we needed to find some one who was willing to let me take the part off a bike.

Desperate times need desperate measures, so we travelled to the nearest Buell dealer and explained our problem to him,


He asked me how long takes it to replace the parts, he was convinced the hole engine needed to be rotated,  I replayed, well give me 2 minutes and I’m don,

Ok he said, there my demo bike,  you can take it off .. whoow yes.. for the first time in two hours I could smile again..  

Arne you’re the best, thanks again..   so people if your ever going to Magdeburg make sure you drop by his shop, very nice people

can you tell i'm happy ?


( ps. The 2009 models have a steel connector, so it’s not a costly upgrade but a very wise one )

Yes,  called Ed on our way back to the track ( about a 45 minute ride )  we got a fuel line

Where never going to make it before the first qualifying session, so Ed asked the officials if he could joint the Superbike 600 training sessions,

Because the bike is new to the track, where not really sure what gears we should us, so we needed as much track time as we could get.

The officials agreed,  training ok but no qualifying time .


putting here to getter again



Ed was getting settled on the track, getting used to the quick shifter.

Missed his braking point ones, but the bike felt good, the gearing was not good,


Motorcross ambitions ?


Toughing the ref limiter a little to soon, and needed to short shift it.

Best lap was a 1.37.2






So for the qualifying session ( our only one ) we had only 30 minutes to prepare the bike.

We changed from a 47t rear to a 43t  and put a new Soft compound rear tyre on.

Set the shift time to 100 msec .2 to 4 gear and 90 msec. 5 and 6

To big a change as it later turned out, the bike was to low in RPM cornering in, and struggled to get out the corner. The soft compound worked good.

Ed was not really used to the quick shifter  ( he made a head but to the windscreen )

But with a  6e place on the grid we where happy,




Race 1

We decided to change to a 45t rear sprocket , new tyres,

New brake pads front, and made the airchamber in the front fork 1 cm smaller to give more feedback braking very hard and late


Warm up lap, lining up.. red lights where on and I see Ed sticking up his hand , dham he stalled the bike putting here in first gear.. ( with the quick shifter you need a little rpm to shift to first other wise the bike stalls )

So he started the race last.. bummer.. needles to say leaving as 22e and finishing 11e is still a job well done,






Race 2

Fresh tyres again, changed the 45 for a 46 rear,

Warm up lap, lining up and this time Ed made no mistakes and made a good start.

Still even with starting the R1’s GSX-R1000 are hard to beat,

First lap Ed passed 7e and the Slow starter as he is needs a few laps to get the pace up , but the race was stopped, red flag.. two riders made contact and they went bought down.

Took about 10 minutes to clear the track, and we prepared for the re start ( only 8 laps this time ) witch is a pity, because the more laps Ed douse the faster he goes,

Starting was good again, and it was real close racing,  always very good to see.. he was battling with patrick van As  ( no 83 ) and Alex Janissen ( No 62 )

Ed finished 5e place Yeah baby.. Buell power, very happy with that result, best result for now, we serious need 25-30 HP more to really kick but.  

The first 2  riders in our class are a so fast that they make a 25 second gap in 8 laps kudos for Virgill-Amber Bloemhard and Ronny Lorenz  






red flag after 2 laps















those 4IL liter bikes are fast, but Ed could hold the position  

Thanks Ed, Daan, mr. and mrs Van Weel , Andre , Wilco, Piet-Jan, Bruno and the Ott family  it was a very nice racing weekend,


Gr, Martin