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Building 1125R Race Engine based on Endurance.

7-12-2011 - This topic is all about building and tuning our 1125R Race Bike, where we will race with, in the 2009 season. We will race in the Supersport 1000 Cup, with the big boys (-; The engine is build for reliability in a stage 1 mode.

The bike was a stock 1125R streetbike, when it came in to our shop. Now it's a full race bike, with a complete engine work, new headers, our own developed TM Torque Hamer exhaust and original Buell Race ECM, and full Original Buell Race Body work.

We sponsor the Racer Ed van Weel, he was our driver last year on the XBRR, and wish him a very happy race season.

New sponsors are welcome, mail


The Big strip show begon


The Work shop was filling up nicely with 1125 parts

Thanks for the help Will, you old wreaking ball

Engine out

Next week we race our first race, and are so busy, that we had no time to write the complete article about tuning the Buell 1125R engine.

Here are some pictures to start with, as soon as we have the time after the first race we will write the complete ariticle about blueprinting the engine and the STAGE 1Head job. This winter we will start with STAGE 2 tuning of the engine.

very nice


nice parts ware coming slowly

Engine ready to mount, very light when your used to lift XB engines

Endurance Swing arm with chain conversion from Buell Racing,  makes a tyre change very very easy



Brembo Monoblocks, for long lasting performance braking,

due to our last year experiance with the ZTL2 system, we decided to convert our Race bike to a convensional dual disk system,

The Buell ZTL2 brakes very good, but in hard racing we need to change to fast the disks and pads ( every 10 laps )

 we liked a longer lasting solution.

Öhlins Front end and brake system test fitted, looks good, needed only some small modifications



Front chain sprocket and fixed footpegs from Buell Racing

Test fitting the front fairing


We are racing in the Dutch ' Make a Wish ' foundation colors ( USA )

'Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® has enriched the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work. The Foundation's mission reflects the life-changing impact that a Make-A-Wish® experience has on children, families, referral sources, donors, sponsors and entire communities.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation was founded in 1980 after a little boy named Chris Greicius realized his heartfelt wish to become a police officer. Since its humble beginnings, the organization has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon, reaching more than 167,000 children around the world.

Although it has become one of the world's most well-known charities, the Make-A-Wish Foundation has maintained the grassroots fulfillment of its mission.

A network of nearly 25,000 volunteers enable the Make-A-Wish Foundation to serve children with life-threatening medical conditions. Volunteers serve as wish granters, fundraisers, special events assistants and in numerous other capacities.

As the Foundation continues to mature, its mission will remain steadfast. Wish children of the past, present and future will have an opportunity to share the power of a wish®. '

( taken from the Make a Wish foundation site )

it's a small thing we can do, but ever little thing helps , so please look at there site and make a small donation, 


Our race dates are:

16 and 17 april (Assen circuit)

And off course the Ducati Club Race ( 1/2/3 Mei ) (Assen circuit)

23 mei  (Assen circuit)

5 and 6 juni (Assen circuit)

3,  4 and 5 juli Oschersleben (Germany)

31 juli and 1 augustus (Assen circuit)

11 and 12 september (Assen circuit)

2 oktober (Assen circuit)






Report first track experience

CRT training day on 16-4-2009 and the First

KNMV Super cup 1000 race 17-4-2009



Wednesday early in the afternoon, I already hit the road to the Assen TT track

Some friends off us where doing there first races on there 1125 in the ZAC

And I was very quires how they would do, especially with all the sound legislations on the track ( The bike needs to be very quiet , some stock road bike needed even need more silencing ) competing in the ZAC , and they where doing great,



Bas had put down a 1.58 great job..

Gilbert became 4e ( first race, first season ) very nice





The lucky winners




Jean-Claude was beginning to push it, still need to get the hang off the 1125 after being used to his Ducati race bike  

But I learned that we needed to drive with the inner airbox mounted because of the inlet noise

No problem there,

Our exhaust while it is barking on idle, on speed it really is ok , phuuw  

It’s a 10.000 euro fine for the track organisers if they make to much noise,

so you can imagine how worried they are about loud bikes




So first feel for the bike, first time for Ed on the bike, First time for the bike ( brand new engine only did 200 Km on the dyno

Started off with the setting off the bike, she needed to roll-in a lot better, lengthen the rear,

shock by 2 mm , did feel a lot better,  changed to a other profile front tyre, and played a little with the gearing ending up with a 46 Sprocket  rear .




The lap time’s  where going down with seconds,  the Brembo Front brake feels very good even after a session  

We did not really where going for fast lap times,  seat time and setting up the bike was more important,

The bike was also a little stumbling in fast corners ( Dris made the mapping rich so the bike could run in a little cooler )  made some small changes to the mapping, to improve the low rpm pickup

We finished the day with a 1.53 best lap    



First time out  


So day two qualifying and racing day;


Decided the bike still needed a little more rolling-in speed,

So the rear shock was put back in the stock length, and the front was dropped 2mm

A soft tyre was put on the back,

But in bought training sessions the bike did not feel right, Ed pushed out two fast laps to qualify in the A groep  , but the stumbling while accelerating out off corners was getting worse, so the mapping was corrected even further ( it was to rich in that rpm aria ) It was only a 9 lap session , and I had shut down our computer, so it needed to reboot, Dham that takes long, to long, Ok lesson learned leave it on while racing ..



Back after the race


Qualifying session 2 , bike did feel a lot better, but still not right , and Ed came in after 5 laps, not happy with his time ( 1.56’s )

Quickly noticed the problem  rear tyre was gone.. Pulled the wheel out, and noticed that the pressure was really low ( 1.9 hot ) Hmmm… leaking tyre ? checked the tyre, but no punctures

The inner valve was leaking, after the last tyre change did not really checked it for leaks..

Lesson no.2 for the day..



Wilco was trying to convince Ed that this is really a good safety option to remove your helmet after a crash


New tyre medium compound and a new valve was put on,

The qualifying time was not really good so Ed had to start from the 24e place,

There was noting to win so Ed took it easy on the lights, and waited for the first corners to pas the first 12 riders ,

The big Tq and superb cornering makes the bike pull out off corners , like every body is standing still, very nice to see

But battling against R1’s , GSX-R 1000, and big Hondas being down 40 to 50 Hp on those bikes makes the difference on top speed.



Jan-Piet had blown his engine on this R6.. bummer, but he could dubbel up with Bruno on his bike


But Ed was getting a much better feel for the bike, and quickly made steady lap time’s off 1.53

And finished 8e place…wheehooo yeah Baby in a 32 starting grid.

For the first time a good result.



Ed on speed



Ed had to work a lot harder on the 125 then on his R6


Some small changes still need to be made to the bike, seating , clipon position,

And Ed needs a little more seat time to really get the hang off the bike, gears in corners ect.



JC and Ed lined up at Zandvoort


So a  visit to the Buell track day on the track of Zandvoort was much appreciated to get some seat time and have fun with the bike






Thanks Ed, Ed sr. Daan, Wilco, Bruno and Piet

Your company was much appreciated






Our little precious