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Dyno Tuning the 1125R

15-10-2014 - First experience on the Dyno. We use a Race ECM to make the fuel map.

The magical moment was there, Bike had his 1600 km service , Fully programmable Race ecm from Buell arrived.

It was time to see what the 1125R could do on the Dyno, And see how we can tune a 1125R and see how much the drivability will approve


So the bike was prepped,

Exhaust bungs where put in,

Race Ecm placed,


And we took the moment to disable the active air intake system



Holes for the O2 wideband bungs




Bungs mounted



Left Side plate and original Ecm where removed




And the Race Ecm placed




with the airbox cover and airbox removed you have a good look at the active air intake system



Cable for the Airintake system to be replaced for the



resistor plug from the Buell Race department to eliminate DTC codes



Removed actuator and cable



Don't forget to lock the throttle linkage with some lock wire, other wise the rear butterfly stil can move on it's own





Everything was put back to getter, and the tuning begun



and a base run was made



in the low Rpm/ Throttle range it really want more fuell to run nice and smooth


and after some hours on the dyno



It looks a lot better already, please take in mind that this is Euro3 catalictic converter bike.

Drivability is also way better, motor vibrations less , a much nicer bike to ride and more power.


First talks with several exhaust manufactures where all very promising ,

But still we have to see the first exhaust delivered to us for some serious tuning ,

So to all  exhaust manufactures  if you have a Buell 1125R exhaust , send it to us , we are serious about our tuning,

we would like to make compare a lot off Buell 1125R exhausts   






After 600 miles, I took the 1125R on the dyno again.

I remapped the complete ECM, and It really needed more fuel after the 600 Miles.

Because i mapped the 1125R a little rich the first time (I am glad i did that) I still needed to add fuell.

The most at 3000 RPM. And from 6000 until 10000 RPM.

The engine is running in now and needs more fuell. The next dyno will be with the Saron Exhaust. I can't wait..

Here is a graph: 141 HP on the RW and 113 NM of Torque




26-08-2008: Saron Exhaust tested

You can see the increase in power in the mid range from the Saron.

The only thing I did is mounting the Saron exhaust and made the base run. After that I changed the A/F to see what happends, there was no difference in Top HP and torque. Then I mapped the bike again. And i needed a lot more fuel on the bottom end then the stcok exhaust. When i was finished i start driving the bike. It feels much stronger on the bottom low RPM. The sound is very hard without DB killer.

The other curve is with a stock 1125R exhaust EU spec exhaust with Catalyc convertor and stock airfilter.

I just made the run with the fuel map I made on the stock exhaust.

The exhaust comes with a db killer.

Wich was only a pipe....

I mouted it and there was almost no change in noice. So I first welded 1 plate in it and then 2. It's a cross now and now I can drive the exhaust on the street. It sound like a ducati now.. Loud but no too loud.



The exhaust comes with a db killer.

Wich was only a pipe....

I mouted it and there was almost no change in noice. So I first welded 1 plate in it and then 2. It's a cross now and now I can drive the exhaust on the street. It sound like a ducati now.. Loud but no too loud.




HEre is a graph, with 3 lines,

Green is stock

Blue is stock with a total Twin fuel map

Red is with the Saron exhaust and Twin Map



Oke some more data, here is a graph with a stock exhaust, stock airfilter and good fuel map.

And a run with the same setup, only the Airfilter removed. So the airbox can be improved.

Here is the same setup, only now I made a fuel map for the setup with no air filter BIG difference:

So here is a graph with a run with NO air filter and the fuel map and stock exhaust (red line). And No air filter with a good fuel map.. (blue line) What we see is a big increase in power.


Oke thanks to Badweb I found a K&N filter from a car and with some little changes i replaced my stock air filter.

Here is some data,  The red line is a mapped stock exhaust with stock filter.

The blue line is the same run only with replacement of the K&N filter and done nothing to the fuel map.




Here is the same setup as above now only with a good fuel map, see the improvement:


And finally, Here is a graph (green line) A stock exhaust, No air filter with a good fuel map, (this gave the best results) and a graph with a K&N filter with a good fuel map, almost the same results 143 HP on the rear wheel and 118 NM of torque.



Yesterday I took the catalyc convertor out, and welded the original exhaust together.

I needed a lot more fuel between the 3600 en 5000 RPM, also in the top end.

Then I made a complet new fuelmap for the setup.

Here is the graph 144 HP on the Rearwheel and 118 NM of torque:



Oke Here is a graph, with the stock exhaust and a good Fuel map (redline)

And the Remus exhaust NO catalyc convertor with a good fuel map.

The sound is very good, But the results are not.


update 28-4-2010:

and here is the result for the Barker exhaust

138,3 HP at 10149 RPM and 109 NM at 7931 RPM

This is SAE corrected. Engine temp 80 degrees celcius.


And here is a run with the stock bike, versus the Barker mountyed with the fuel adjusted.


1125R 2008 with the barker exhaust and the TM fuelmap..