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Building a 180+ HP Buell 1125 Stage 2 Engine by TM

11-2-2012 - As many off you now we are now building a stage 2 engine. This article will be all about it.

Twin Motorcycles is developing a Stage 2 kit, for a stock cylinder setup for a Buell 1125R (so NO big bore). It took us 2 years to develop all the parts.

Our Goal is to sell the KIT with a tune for a stock and race ECM. to run on Pump gas 98 octane. The only thing that needs to be done by the customer is new Berillium (Beryllium) valve seats. People can send us the heads to do the work, and the valves or buy new.

We still have the Goal to race with the big boys, last time we raced in the 2009 season we become 7th in the 1000CC class out of 38 High powered bikes, with a stock 2008 1125R and our stage 1 kit fitted. We didn't had enough top end Horsepower to get enough speed on the long straights against the 180-200 HP bikes.

The Engine below belongs to Joe. Joe holds already a dragrace worldrecord on a stock bore engine Tuned by Twin Motorcycles on the 1/4 mile. This Engine gives him the possibillity to win the Topgas series next year (-:. And gives us the possibility to win a race season. or set a new land speed record at Bonneville (-: All the parts below are developed By Twin Motorcycles we have our own accounts at the piston and Rod company's and can ONLY be bought by Twin Motorcycles direct, or by one of our selected partners.



We have developed our own TM pistons and our own Rods for more an better strenght to fit the pistons:


We have developed our own Rods by Carillo they only fit on our Pistons and not on anything else:


We have developed our own Titanium valves with a special coating for more strenght and durability:


We have developed and regrinded our own camshaft with our own timing:


We now will start with building the engine to keep you all informed about the building off and the dyno testing off our stage 2 kit. More info later


Update 4-1-2012

We developed our own Crank Locking Tool That can also be purchased now




And Dave also developed our own Camshaft timing tool:

These dials will follow valve movement, this setup can be used for either cylinder head


A degree wheel is inserted in the crankshaft and can be adjusted for either cylinder



First off weighing all the parts, we want know where we are and where we are going to
Stock pistons  459,6 gram and 460,1 gram ( measures without rings )  0,5 gram difference
Stock rods we measured the cap loose from the rod too see where the difference is
Stock rod caps 191,6 gram and 196,0 gram
Stock rod 390,8 gram and 404 gram   big difference here totals  586,8 and 595,6 gram ( with caps ) to 8,8 gram difference
Stock piston pins 106,4 gram no measurable difference for bought
New Pistons  409,8 gram  ( 0.3 gram difference between bought )  
New rods  total 531,6 gram  ( 1,4 gram difference between bought )  172,6 and 173,4 for the caps and 359,0 and 359,6 for the rods
New piston pin 101,4 ,  no measurable difference between them
Total weight loss rods pins and piston is a whopping  110 gram for each piston rod assembly
Weight difference between the new parts is 1,7 gram which is way with in manufactures specs,
But building this engine for Joe Elliot, I want it to be nice , so made bought front and rear assembly the same in weight.
Next looking at the heads, I want to make the rough castings a little nicer,  
just take a dremel tool and a piece of sand paper around you finger, and clean up the casting burs a little,
No porting or flowing, just cleaning up de cast a little, as we are considering it a out the box power kit,
If you want this send your heads off to a good flow bench wizard,
Next update building the engine