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Mounting Twin Motorcycles Buell 1125 intake stacks

26-5-2021 - On popular demand, Told by picture by picture how to easy mount the TM 1125 intake stacks.


This article is about how to install the Twin Motorcycles Intake stacks for the Buell 1125 series.


How to start.

we start with taking of the seat and the air box cover.

Then we take off the inner air box cover by pushing all the tabs down. In most cases you will need to loosen the fuel vent hose that runs over the inner air box cover to.

Remove the air filter bij pulling the 2 rubber straps aside.

Remove the 2 mounting screws at the front off the air box base plate

Take the MAP sensor out off the holder.

Gently pull the wire loom out off the guide.

Very gently take out the fuel line amd the pressure regulator out off the holder. Be careful now because these can break

very easy !! with the older 2008 models.

And then pull up from the rear the lower airbox 

Take care that the vent hose slides out , otherwise help it a little by pushing the hose dow

Take of the rubber seal.

Take out the locking clips from the original inserts

And take out the original inserts


Note the position off the vacuum holes and the recesses in the stacks  ( rear to the back, front to the front  ) You cant do this wrong.

Place the TM intake stacks with the rubber stops in the recesses in the throttle bodies,

Use the original locking clips to mount theme

Best to use bought hands, press down the stack a little and start the clip in the slot hold it down with your fingers and push

the other side off the clip in the slot.



Check the mounting off the clip if it is good seated by pulling  on the stack, it should be fixed and the clip may not come out.

put  a ziptie on the IAC hose so it holds better

Place back the rubber seal in the lower airbox cover

And rotate the lower airbox back in.

Help the rubber seal a little while pushing it down.

Make sure the wire loom is cleared out off the way, and gently put the wire loom back in the guide,

Gently put back the fuel line in its position. Make sure the crankcase vent hose is in good position and underneath the airbox

And push down the rubber seal so it if fully seated around the throttle bodies.


Wiggle with a screwdriver  gently in the vent hose , to wiggle it up, and pull it up.

Place the Map sensor back in its holder. Check if the lower airbox cover is flat on the front mounting tabs, and if the

right rear mounting hole lines up with the right bracket,  and check the throttle if they run free and not binding to the lower airbox.


Put the airfilter back in, and put the inner top airbox cover on , mount the 2 front screws back in, place back

the fuel vent hose if you have removed it.

And mount back the airbox cover and seat and your good to go. We advise you to update the fuelmap for this intake stack,

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