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New XR1200 Parts from Twin Motorcycles

13-5-2011 - We are developing a full range of new and exclusivly parts line for the XR1200 only available through Twin Motorcycles or our Worldwide network. We do this together with Style and Performance from Italy.


Here is the story about the making of the Twin Motorcycles Parts for the XR1200

In This Link You can see all the Parts and Prices. The Parts are by Style and Performance from Italy for Twin Motorcycles only.

Oke XR1200 Owners group members here are the first pictures (-: Soon we will write up the complete story.


All parts that are discussed in this topic are only for sale at Twin Motorcycles only and through our partner network.

We developed these Parts together with our Italian Partner, who made the choise to sell all Xr1200 parts and Buell parts, exclusivly through Twin Motorcyles.

We started to strip the Bike for mounting all the new parts. This was also done by our manufacturer, but we always fit the parts and test before we send to a customer on the XR1200 ourself. 



The Front fork , handle bar Headlight and Tripple Trees where removed.




This was done to fit the new Paoili radial front fork and the new tripple T.


Beautiful CNC quality.



This setup would even look good on a Superbike race Bike.

For now the clip-ons where mounted, to give the bike the classic racer look.

Well crafted and good engineered, still enough clearance to the tank in full lock, and leave a acceptable turning radius,

Not like other manufactures (-:




Full Carbon front fender was mounted.



You can find the Full carbon front fender here in our webshop.



For now we have mounted the Braking B-one front wheel back, with Brembo radial Monoblock calipers, 

it is a custom solution but looks very good, and we know from experiance these brakes work very good.

We mounted the Carbon Primairy cover on the bike an dthat looks very good also.



You can find the Carbon Primairy cover here in our webshop.

The special Twin Motorcycles rear set was mounted, very good quality , adjustable for height and length.

Finaly a rearset where you can stand on, without feeling flex in the set, and enough clearance and stiffness

for the shifter lever so it will not hit the clutch cover like other manufactures have (-:




For the brake side, you can use the original brake fluid reservoir, but also replace it with a aftermarket ones

we carry in our shop in different colors.




You can find the Rear set for the XR1200  here in our webshop.

Some nice finishing details, Pivot bolt hole plugs for the swingarm. It gives the bike a more finished look.



The pivit bolt set come's as a kit for left and right side, you can find theme here in our webshop

There easy to mount, and hold in the hole by a tight fitting and O-ring. 

We also developed a Full carbon Solo Tail section. It is easy to mount, and stunning looking, very nice design,

Comes with the Wire mesh and seat. As it is a race parts, for road use the taillight needs to be cut out.

This is very easy done. We did this so you can make it 100% fit to every taillight of your choise.

We used this taillight kit. tail tidy / fender eliminator



It gives the bike this very unique look.




you can find the Carbon solo seat here in our shop

A matching pair off side panels where mounted, full carbon.



you can find the side covers here in our shop


And off course the Carbon tank cover to complete the looks



Light and good fitting parts for your XR1200 made by real enthousiat people (-:


you can find the carbon tank cover here in our shop

For the XR1200 Fuel injection, or ECM programming go here:



A Cruising kit to drop the RPM a little while cruising
After many request, we made a complete kit to Lower your Cruise RPM on your XR1200.
The Normal US/ Euro XR1200 gearing that the bike comes with off the factory will make about 4150 RPM @ 120 km/h / 75 Mph on the higway
With our new cruise gearing you will drop about 450 RPM at the same speed in 5th gear.
So cruising at 120 km/h ( 75Mph ) will be around 3700 Rpm after mounting this kit.
This is much better for fuel mileage, engine live and you will have a 12% higher top speed (-:
Included in the kit is a Bigger Engine Sprocket with Rotor ( comes mounted ) a Longer Primairy chain and Gasket
You can find the parts here Cruise kit in our webshop


Update: 13-5-2011:

Finally our XR1200 wheels are ready the first sets are sold and mounted ant the customer are really happy with the 7.7 kilo rotating weight saving

Here is the article for ordering:


We finished the Kit for mounting the normal handlebar also. The risers can be mounted in 2 positions have a look at the pictures down.


And all the electrical wiring through the handle bar, and down to the top triple Tree.