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Update: 22-5-2010 Tuning the XR1200

14-1-2021 - Update: 22-5-2010 Tuning the XR1200

In this topic we will keep all the information stored about the tuning of the HD XR1200. After Buell stopped the production in October 2009, we made the choice to invest a lot of time, love and energy in the XR1200.

Keep in mind this bike has done 0 miles (-; and is completely new. With it's 260 kilo, it's a little heavy, but we think we can win 30-40 kilo of weight. And after a propper tuning we think this can be the best alternative for an air-cooled concept after the Buell.











The last picture is to show you how important a good equipped dyno room is. The air-conditioning  is a 20kw version. You can cool a complete building with it.

This means that it is really cold inside to simulate driving wind in the airbox and see what the bike is doing with different temperatures. I always try to play with low temp and high temp. The airco can cool and heat. So I understand the tolerance of the sensors and understand how to adjust the cold start.

I shut down the 02 sensors, because I have my own and played with the fuel to learn the characteristics of the engine.

I needed to add a lot of fuel from the basic to begin with, because I couldn’t make it in the original setup. After that I made the full throttle map only and finished that today. Not much done, but what I did is good (-;

After half day of playing with the software and 1 full day of dyno tuning on Sunday, my wife and neighbours are not happy, this bike runs propper on stationary and full throttle.

I now start to play with the timing and the rest of the TPS ranges. I think 4 days more work and it is done.

Here is the graph.

The blue line is the stock run nothing done to the bike: 81.9 HP (82,99 PS) at 6641 and 100 NM (73,78 lb-ft) of Torque 3661 RPM SAE corrected.

The red line is the run with adding fuel to the WOT: 86.6 HP (87,76 PS) at 6663 RPM and 104NM (76,67 lb-ft) of torque on 3150 RMP SAE corrected.


Here is the AF measured direct in the header. You can see two lines the ------- line is the rear cylinder the __________ line is the front cylinder. Blue is before the tuning stock, red is after the tuning.


When I am done it will be running at WOT between 13.0 and 13.5 AF AT WOT, and between 13,6 and 14.2 AF on the rest of the TPS positions. I can already see that the temperature is getting down quickly. It is less hot than when I started it the first time on the dyno. Fuel is good for the soul.. I am finished for today.


Update 03-11-2009

Okay, after being in every VE cell and AFR cell, it is not possible to make it within the current values to get enough fuel inside with the current load on the cells before the 20% TPS. And I still have some very lean spots where the AFR adjustment is already 11 AFR and still the VE tables are completly set to maximum.

Thanks to my teacher, I will adjust in the software the engine size and map the bike completely (shit happens when you are in learning mode) I am wondering what will happen, when I will be adjusting the exhaust without catalyc convertor.

I have to say that Harley Davidson did a better job with this 1200CC engine than Buell did. The performance on the stock bike is much better. The only thing is that the bike is so heavy. But we can work on the weight.

As far as I can see now, the aftermarket parts like Powercommander and Remus powerrizers are really bad products to use on this bike, they promise you that they work but they are in no way able to do what is necessary to let your bike run wel in every cell. I still will test these products later on and write what they will do and don't do.


Update 04-11-2009:

Finally I am finished with the stock setup and can begin with the other exhaust..

I ended up with 89 HP (90 PS) at 6761 RPM and 105 NM (77,47 lb-ft) at 3357 RPM, SAE corrected.

The red line is the improvement, the blue one stock.


I adjusted the RPM to see what the CAMS can handle. The peak HP is measured at 6761 RPM, so that's okay.


Update 07-11-2009





And the complete Vanes and Hines Widow XR 2-1-2 Exhaust system for the XR1200:


Okay, here are the pictures of the aftermarket parts we fitted and the dynosheets of the power of this complete V&H system:




New rear set:










Bigger rear brake 4 caliper, I like braking with the rear brake, and this baby stops really good:




OKAY DYNO TIME Vanes and Hines Widow XR 2-1-2:

I still have to make the complete fuel map for this setup, also for customers.

I think this can be a good solution, if you like loud sound and Torque:

Here is the base run I needed to adjust the fuel more than I hoped. It is a quick and dirty run with some quick fuel adjustments, just to see the HP, and Torque:

SAE CORRECTED 110 NM (81,15 lb-ft) of TORQUE and 86 HP (87.15 PS)







Coming Tuesday is the update of the rear suspension, it’s a complete new system for the bike in the market. And I hope the complete Q&D exhaust system from Italy comes in, then I will make a fuel map for it and I would love to see the results.


Update: 08-11-2009



Ans this is how you can use our products:



I finished the complete fuelmap today for the V&H Widow exhaust system. I needed to increase the cylinder size to 76 CI to make it with the AFR and VE tables, but then you can adjust it.

Started at 05.00 this morning, needed 2 full days of 12 hours to make the perfect fuelmap for it. Then I filled the bike with enough fuel and hit the road (the throtle response s much better than Buell) the bike pulls like a V8 so strong and hard, it almost surprised me. It is a real fun bike to drive,  wonder how it go's with new rear shocks, new triple trees with Cafe racer style clipons.

The new rearset we mount also solved the problem of heavy shifting. The biger 4 pistin rear caliper really stops the bikes. The feeling is smother and strnger I like it. I can't wait on all the other parts to mount. Different exhausts to test and the summer....

Update 09-11-2009:


So, woke up early this morning and fitted the oil catch can.

When I took the air box off last time to get the flapper out of the air box, I noticed that the vent hose for the head ventilation was a 2-1 system. They did it the same way as Buell was doing returning the oil in the throttle body.

What I didn't like is that the vent hose is disturbing my airflow to the throttle body, because it was laying on top of the hole there. (here is also a good point for making a new air box for getting more air in the throttle body, I will come back on this subject when I test them on my dyno)

As somebody who loves making nice fuel maps, I don't like a system putting moister, oil or other stuff in my, with love adjusted, throttle body.

So I took off the gasoline tank, removed the air box, took out the 2 breather bolds in the front and rear cylinder head and looked at them....

MMhhhh really small holes in there, I drilled them up to 4 mm and then used 1/4 oil hose to the breather, just for better breathing and to be sure it is not possible to get anything in the way for breathing as it should be.

I'm going for some test-driving today and see what comes out. I also like to see how much oil is getting out of the system. We tested these catch cans for a long period and they are now monkey proof as we say in the Netherlands. We use a 10 Bar resistant glass to keep it from braking..




Order catch can here:


Update: 11-11-2009

Okay, the QD full exhaust system arrived yesterday with thanks to the Importer Verheul, who was so kind to send us one for testing.






I hoped there would be more top end power, but there is not... From my point of few a very good exhaust for the XR1200 for daily driving, if you like a dark and hard sound and torque from 3500 till 5500 RPM this is a great product, and that's why we'll keep it in the shop and sell it.

I needed to add a lot of fuel on the really low RPM range and then I mean a lot. When that happens, it is also saying something about the caracter of the bike, I think it will pull a lot harder on really low RPM also.

We also have in a few days a solution to program the stock ECM for this exhaust setup. I promise, no jerking, smooth on the power and very direct on the throttle. Good MPG. And no lean spots.

And here is the dyno sheet compared with the last run with the stock exhaust (BLUE LINE) with drilled holes in the end cap and the V&H complete system (RED LINE).. You can see the difference on Torque.



Next time we fit a new triple tree, with different angle and then we will hit the road to see what happens. 


Okay, fitted some parts and the Vanes and Hines Widow XR 2-1-2 exhaust today, should say that it was a complete exhaust much lighter than the complete stock exhaust, packaging was okay, all looked good.

Here is the Vanes and Hines Widow XR 2-1-2  fitted and yes, we needed to drill a hole in it (but we will sell it for cheap, because of that, with a fuel map)

We close the holes with a little screw.



The first thing I was really curious about was the Delphi injection system. It was completely new to me and worked completely different. It has the abillity to tune the:

Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR), Volumetric Efficiency (VE), Warmup Enrichment, Cranking Fuel, Closed Loop Bias (CLB), Accelaration Enrichment, Decel Enleanment, Spark Advance (or Timing) and a lot more.

Volumetric efficiency is a percentage rating of how much air is flowing through the engine while running as compared to its theoretical capacity.

For example, an engine with a displacement of 88-cubic inches running at 5600 rpm at full throttle has a theoretical airflow capacity of 100% when it flows about 143-cubic feet of air per minute, (cfm). If the same engine flows 107cfm at 5600 rpm it would have a VE of about 75%.

If the engine flows about 157cfm at 5600 rpm it would have a VE of about 110%. Note the VE can exceed 100%, especially in high performance engines that have improved airflow through the engine. VE reacts to engine speed and to anything that increases or decreases airflow through the engine.

Now with that in mind, I started reading the bike, read reading the gas flow in the headers to adjust the bike.

This info below is based on a complete bone stock XR1200 euro spec, with stock exhaust with catalyc convertor, stock air box, with everything connected, stock ECM.

Okay enough. Here are some pictures:



We mounted it and made some runs with and without db-killer on the dyno to see the results. It is not good, so we'll discuss the results first with the importer to see if can agree we post them here. Our relation is based on giving feedback to increase the performance, so maybe more news later.


That's it for now. Later on more news.


 Today I finished the Fuelmap this is really the final version:

114 NM (84 lb-ft)o f Torqe and 90.2 HP (91.2 PS) SAE Corrected.




Update 12-11-2009:

Some optical tuning.

We also fitted the Cafe racer triple tree with clip-ons today. still waiting for the Magura Hydraulic clutch , and the braided brake lines too come in.



very nice detail on the headlight mount.


old school looks


Hyperpro steering damper came in




Oke 1 more:




Today we will test the Suprtrapp 2-2 complete system for the XR1200, And directly make the fuel map for it.

Fingers crossed (-;





Update 18-11-2009:

Oke I finished after 3 days the complete map for the Supertrapp complete system. first I played with all the disc. The factory says for max performance and Torque use 16 disc. At the end after testing everything I ended up with 18 Disc, and a open endcap.

This picture shows 1 open endcap and 1 closed for the picture. You can open and close it very easy.

When you both open them the sound is darker and a little louder.


When you like to order this part, go here: Adjustable supertrapp end cap


Here is the dynosheet of the final result. 88,7 HP and 110 NM of Torque



Here you see 2 runs, in the same condition with the endcap open and closed. You can see (the blue line) that closed it will add torque at lower RPM. I also checked the AF values and the difference is save for running open and closed. I made the fuelmap for the open version. the difference is 1 HP and 2 NM of Torque at peak power.


Here is the dynosheet from the supertrapp (red line) compared to the stock exhaust (blue line) I tested before:


Here is the dynosheet from the supertrapp (red line) compared to the Vanes & Hines (blue line) exhaust i run before:



The supertrapp is better performing from 1500 RPM till 3000 RPM compared to the Vanes and Hines. Then from 3000 RPM till 5000 RPM the Vanes and Hines is the winner, and after that there is a small difference in Power at top end.

The next exhaust is the one from Free Spirit's can't wait:

After testing, It is not bringing the performance you pay for.


Update 20-11-2009:

Now I first have to finish 2 bikes from customers from Polen. 1 of them is a 87 CI Buell XB12 S,  finished it yesterday, here is the graph: It makes 115 HP and 131 NM of Torque Not bad at all.. very strong engine.



UPDATE 20-11-2009:

Oke we tested the Free Spirit's 2-1 system and we are waiting on the feedback if we can post the results.

Next week we will test the slip-ons on the stock header from QD and Free-Spirits.

Monday I go to Hyperpro the full day, to develop a new rear suspension and make a upgrade for the front suspension.

After testing we hope too have 1 good solution from 1 manufacturer and payable. When you change something on the rear suspension you feel how poor the front suspension is. To provide a good solution for customers we have too do this.

Have a nice weekend.



Yesterday I started on a customers XR1200X bike with a REMUS 2-1 System on it.

The bike is completly stock, with a stock air filter and the Remus 2-1 exhaust DB-Killer removed.



And here are the results SAE Corrected: 88.6 HP at 7326 RPM and 104 NM of Torque at 3476 RPM



Here you see the Remus compared with the stock exhaust, BLUE is the Stock Exhaust, RED is the Remus:

I would keep the stock exhaust, and Tune it... (-:



And here is the Remus 2-1 system compared with the Vanes and Hines:





We are testing 3 filters on a stock 2008 model XR1200. The bike has a Remus 2-1 system with Db-killer installed.

The testing conditions are done in 1 and the same day within 1 hour.

- Stock airbox

- Stock engine

- Remus 2-1 system db-killer installed

- Same tank of Fuel

- Stock ECm with Stock Fuel map (man it is bad with the Remus)


The K&N Filter is a car filter and NOT for the XR1200. It fits almost perfect but giood be better.


Oke below Run with stock filter,  82.2 HP @ 6819 RPM / 102 NM @ 3614 RPM, SAE Corrected



Oke below Run with Pipercross filter,  83.8 HP @ 6826 RPM / 101 NM @ 3848 RPM, SAE Corrected



Oke below Run with K&N filter,  85.5 HP @ 6839 RPM / 104 NM @ 3548 RPM, SAE Corrected




Below you see the graph between the stock filter (blue line and the pipercross Redline




Oke below is a Graph with K&N (red line) versus Pipercross (blue line):



And below is a run K&N (red line) versus stock (blue line):


I suggest we wait untill K&N comes with the filter.

Happy New-Year and thansk for reading (-:

Oke, Last one, Just uploaded my stock map so now the ECM is mapped, have too look at fine tuning:

92.3 HP and 110 NM of Torque with K&N Filter



2010 Racing:

Update: 18-1-2010

We finished the coorporation with a Famous Italian Exhaust maker. We will going to make all the ECM's for them. With every exhaust you buy, there will be a 100% perfectly adjusted ECM available. It will be a trading system, send your old, receive a new one back. We also will do all the development of the Exhaust with them. We soon will test the first XR1200 complete slip-on system. Can't wait....


Update 21-1-2010:

Somebody asked me to show the difference between a complete stock bike and the tuned Vanes and Hines by me because he thought the improvement was not that good. I didn't had that graph on this article so here it is:



Update 26-2-2010:


Get ready for the fifth year of American style flat track racing on the European mainland!

With more races, more riders, better fights and more traditional flat track bikes than ever before,

the season promises to be the best one yet. Not only will we race in six different European

countries and is the cup extended to nine rounds, but we also welcome the new All American

Twins Cup in addition to the Mefo Flattrack Cup. Only big American twins allowed in this

championship! The All American Twins Cup will kick off with a double header on 1st and 2nd of

May in Lübbenau and Parchim. But you will have a chance to watch these big bikes before then at

the big track of Jübeck, Easter weekend 3 & 4 April.

The 2010 season will bring flattrack back to Austrian Heidenreichstein and Czech Marianske

Lazne, and to new venues in Germany, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. But we especially

like to mention the first round in Amman Valley, Wales, honoring the British riders with a home

race, and round five, which will see the first ever flat track race in Switzerland, home of long-time

cup enthusiasts, the Dutch Brothers. Switzerland will also host this year’s Nations Cup of


More exciting news is that flat track racing is returning to Italy, the country where it all started in

Europe so many years ago. They will host a national championship with three rounds already

confirmed. Multiple British and European Champion, Italy’s own Marco Belli, will ensure high

quality racing from the start and maybe even Italian speedway legend Armando Castagna will

return to flat track racing! Castagna won the Harley-Davidson 883 class in Italy in the early


All in all a lot of races all over Europe, so check the calendar on

the original extreme sport at a track near you!

A big thank you to Mefo Sport,




Our own bike has the classic kit on it stuff is to the painter when finished we post some pictures.

The steering in on the XR1200 (roads are dry now) is very stable with the rear end 5 CM higher and the Hyperpro shoks in the rear. The front Needs to be adjusted, will do that later on but feels very stable but a little too stiff/hard.

When finished we start testing the slipons on the stock headers.

update 30-3-2010:

oke, we decided to first paint the bike black and then make stickers to play with different designs, and make

a final choice for the airbrusher, we think we keep this design.

The exhaust we ar edeveloping is ready, after development more results later:

Here is a picture from work in progress, front fender needs to be mounted and the front windscreen with small fairing, I think tomorrow evening more pictures.






Sneak Previeuw: Here is a graph of our 2-1 Torque Hammer System which is still in Development



I loose too much top end power and will go back to the development table to keep the power in high RPM

Another boring day at the office:







Update 22/5/2010

Proto type TM Torqe hammer XR is ready for testing



Equeal lengt headers, nice lines, nice sound 








now testing and tuning

ps. whe have another boring day at the office ;-)


NO. 16 From the Dutch Brothers ( )

was sleeping over for a few nights , very nice bike, build to go sideways and experience