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Mounting instruction XR1200 Torque Hammer exhaust

23-11-2012 - Mounting instructions for the Twin Motorcycles Torque Hammer 2-1 Exhaust system for the XR1200 and XR1200X models

Enjoy installing your Twin Motorcycles Torque hammer 2-1 exhaust system for your XR1200, a true piece of art.
These install instructions work for Harley Davidson XR1200 2008 and up modelyears. We will go through the installation step by step. 
First, remove the riders and pillion seat and the tail section. Unscrew the 5 bolts holding the seat unit in place and remove the tail section 

Then remove the rear mounting bolts of the original exhaust.


Sometimes it is easier to loosen the silencers separately. Remove them both and unscrew the rear exhaust bracket.



After the bracket is removed, screw the 2 bolts back in the frame, and tighten them to 15-20 ft/lbs ( 20-27 Nm )




Unscrew the lower clamp bolt and unscrew the header bolts ( 4x )




mount the exhaust port mounting flanges and locking rings on the Torque hammer header pipes.


Mount the header pipes front and rear, and screw on the flange nut, to a loose fit , so the header pipes can move a little but are flat to the gasket


Take the mounting bracket supplied in the kit , and use the 3/8 bolt and washer, and mount the bracket on the bike , a little drop of Loctite will secure this bolt better, do not tighten fully. Giving it space to move around.

Take the link pipe and slide it on the headers, a little spray of WD40 will help them slide in better. Position the lower mounting point and screw in the mounting bolt , do not tighten it.


Take the exhaust and mount the rear mounting bracket loosely ,
Test fit the exhaust and see if the rear mounting point lines out, if all okay tighten the 2 screws


Screw on the rear mounting bolt using the original bolt with the big washer from the mounting kit, mount all the springs on the tabs.


Check for free play to the cam cover, tapping the pipes connections up and down with a rubber hammer will help them settle better.


When all is correctly in place , start tightening the header flange nuts to 96-120 in/lbs ( 10-14 Nm ) than the middle mounting bracket to the link pipe and engine
Screw back in the O2 sensors , front and rear , and mount back the pulley cover if needed, Make sure to shim the lower mounting point for the pulley cover with a washer. If you also have purchaed the TTS MAstertune software and the cable to update your computer with the correct timing and Fuel mapping for our exhaust that is neccesarry cause running without proper adjusted fuel mapping can cause engine damage and bad drivability, install the software update we send you by mail. If you need help by installing the software please send us a mail We work from Europe and the USA and will try to support you as good as possible. There is a CD in the TTS Mastertune box that you need to install. You only need to install the Delphi software. Then be sure you run the software updater through the internet to use the latest TTS Software version. When uploading the fule file be sure when you look for it on your desktop you selected it is a MT7 format.
always update your ECM with a fully charged Battery the night before and keep the battery charger on the bike at all time.

After the install you can savely start the engine, and check the system for exhaust leaks and take your XR1200 for your first test ride.
You will notice the smooth riding on low RPM, and the amount of Torque direct.
Be sure when you have driven at least 20 miles to check the nuts on your headers and tighten them again.
Enjoy our Torque Hammer for your XR1200 and be aware you have a 3 year full warranty.