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XR1200 XR1200X Front Fairing

20-9-2012 - Install instructions for the XR1200/XR1200X Front Fairing from Twin Motorcycles.

Twin Motorcycles install Instructions XR1200 front fairing
The following parts should be in your shipment:
1 x Fairing in gel coat, ready for paint
1 x Fairing bracket
2 x M8 Big washer
2 x M8 hex bolt M8x55
2 x M8 flange nut nyloc
2 x Angled mounting rubber
4 x T28 black crew 1 / 4 -20 x 3 / 4
4 x nylon washer
4 x Rubber spacer washer self adhesive
4 x Rubber wellnut 1 /4-20 
ATTENTION: We recommend before you paint the fairing to test mount it for your best fit, and position it and then drill the holes. We didn’t drill the holes because you can fit it in different positions and angles. After that you can paint it. !!
Prepare the mounting bracket by pushing the 4 x rubber walnut in the holes
The easiest way this works is to “turn’ them in with the flange side first as seen in the picture above in the right.
Take then the M8 x 55 hex bolts, and M8 big washers and put them in the angled rubbers like in the picture below.
The hex bolts and rubber will go through the headlight mount from the under side
With the angled side facing forward.
Place the mounting bracket on top, rubber facing down and screw the M8 Flange nyloc nuts on.
Please note the orientation off the bracket for correct position
Hand tightens the M8 bolts and nuts, make sure the bracket is maximum to the front,
Clearing the speedometer. When convinced the bracket is at the most forward position, tighten the nuts.


Now you can test fit the fairing, The fairing can be positioned in different hights and angles.
We recommend tu use some tape before drilling an positioning the fairing and be sure you you have looked at it before drilling the holes.
You can change the position of the fairing for different resons if you want to mount the fairing more forward, or higher and lower. You can give the clutchcable and brake lines more room, have a different headlight position this is very much depending on what kind off handle bar you are using too,
Mount the fairing using the T27 Torx crews using the nylon washers we supplied underneath.
Tighten the screw so the screw is just flush with the rear end off the rubber well nut
Do not over tighten these cause they will crack.
Ands this is how it should look like
Or like this outside: The exhaust, airbox, catchcan and front fairing are all product developed by Twin Motorcycles.
The part can be ordered HERE.