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Developing a XR1200-XR1200X Front Fairing

20-9-2012 - This article shows you ho we developed the XR1200 front fairing.

We are developing a new and very classic looking front fairing for the XR1200 and XR1200X models.

This project was started by Jeff in December 2010 from the USA and we think he is just right in the design.

So we offered to help him out here.  Jeff started at home here are some pictures. The problems was that the fairing was

laying around for a long time in Italy with some friends off mine that offered to help Jeff, after that taking too much time

i decided we finish this one for Jeff.


When we received his pieces the black fairing an bracket was all home made for fitting purpose only.

He shaped the design the way he liked the looks and we received it in black with the bracket.



It all looked very good. we now needed to start up and get the parts fitted right and make all the mouldings for it.

First we worked on the fairing moulding. Make a new fairing and a production moulding that part is ready now:

Old en new



We are now working on the moulding for the bracket. Jeff started this fairing because he couldn't find a fairing that

was nice looking, easy to take off and put on with just 2 bolt's. Now that is a problem. We finished a new prototype

bracket and we needed to make a new moulding to make some new difficult rubber grommets to hold the bracket

under the top triple clamp. We succeeded in that and we are going to make the rubber grommets our self.

The moulding is being made for it right now.


The bracket is now being made and the moulding for the bracket is now being made. All will be black anodised

the complete bracket. When we are finished we do the last fitting with the fairing and the bracket and the

rubber grommets and we give it a go for production.We keep a mailing list for those who like to know when the product is ready, just email and i keep you on that list.

When the bracket is ready and the rubber grommets we post more info here.


Update 14-8-2012:

Oke some more progress, tomorrow the bracket is ready we are going to fit them here in the shop. The rubbers and the front fairing is ready and if all go's well we go in production tomorrow.


Update 15-8-2012:

More pictures with all the zelmade parts together the fitting is perfect. We go in production now.

 The part will be soon ready and can be ordere HERE.


Update 17-9-2012:

Pictures from the Bike from Powerglides in the UK with the fairing mounted:


Here is a picture for the complete parts.


You can order the part HERE.