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Mounting instructions XR1200-XR1200X HPA airbox

28-4-2012 - Mounting instuctions for the Twin Motorcycles XR1200 and XR1200X High Performance Airbox (HPA).

XR1200X High Performance airbox (HPA ) install instructions by Twin Motorcycles
Mounting instructions.
Below you can find a list of the tools that are needed;
1/8 hex key ( bezel fuel cap , fuel tank cover mounting )
1/4 hex key ( fuel tank front and rear mounting bolts )
1/2 Box spanner or socket ( fuel tank front mounting nut )  
T27 key ( original airbox mounting screws )
4 mm ( or 5/32 ) Hex key ( TM HPA airbox )
Philips head screw driver ( TM HPA Airbox )
5mm Hex key ( TM HPA airbox )
Needle nose pliers ( clamps cylinder head breathers )
Wire cutter ( breather hose shortening , removing )
Remove the fuel tank cover by removing the the 4 screws ( 1/8 hex ) as in the picture below. It is NOT nescecarry to remove the other 4 screws.
When the screws are removed, remove the fuel cap , and pull off the fuel tank cover starting at the front.
Put the fuel cap back on to prevent dropping something in and for safety as soon as possible !!
Remove the rear fuel tank mounting bolt ( 1/4 hex key ) and remove the front fuel tank mounting nut and bolt ( 1/4 hex key and 1/2 spanner or socket )
Unscrew the T27 screws out the airbox.
Pull the fuel tank up in the front and move it to the left, to get more clearance for the airbox to take out.
ATTENTION: Pull slightly off the original airbox, and loose the electrical connector ( EURO versions with flapper valve ) first.
Pull back the clamps on the front and rear cylinder head breather hosed using a needle nose pliers, and pull off the breather hoses
Remove all the Philips head screw from the original airbox, and take the 2 halves apart,
and remove the breather hoses
We recommend to use a external Oil Catch can you can purchase from us here:
 Or use a separate system to catch the oil and moister in.
You don’t want to get oil and moister in that throttle body. It can cause a bad running bike and detonation.  When you don’t like to use a external catch can system, use the extra connectors we supplied.
Pull off the 2 breather angle connectors , and replace these for the longer pieces off hose delivered with the airbox.
Replace the original connector’s these for the longer pieces off hose delivered with the airbox.
Be careful not to damage the connectors, cutting in the old hoses will help to remove theme.
Mount the breather hose assembly in the HPA airbox and test fit the velocity stack so the breather hoses are orientated in the correct position, and there is the least restriction of free flowing air to get in.
Mount the HPA K&N airfilter in the HPA Airbox.
Put the 2 halves to getter, and put the screws in ( see picture for orientation )
Start all screw 3 turns in the threat , before tightening theme
Mount the velocity stack on the throttle body, see picture for recess position
For the Euro flapper valve versions. Place the dongle on the connector and bind the wire to the cable harness, leaving room for the airbox
Mount the breather hoses back to the front and rear cylinder head breather pipes. And place the clamps in the right position
Place the HPA airbox over the velocity stack
Move the fuel tank back on the airbox and make sure the HPA mounting points are in the correct position,
Take the 2 M8x60 delivered in the kit and screw the HPA airbox to the fuel tank. 10Nm max.
screw the front and rear fuel tank screws and bolt, back in place
tighten to 15-20 ft/lbs ( 20,3-25,1 Nm )
Remove the fuel filler cap. Place back the fuel tank cover, start with the rear so the notches are locking the cover to the fuel tank. Place the fuel filler cap back on  
Screw in the 4 screws, and align the holes a little so the bezel is in the middle
And tighten the screws. Update your Computer when using this HPA air box, with our Free TTS Mastertune update files (you can get these files sending a e-mail to we made for this air box and Torque Hammer exhaust or go to a dyno tuner and let them take care of this. This airbox cannot be mounted without a proper tune of the bike. It will run very lean compared to the stock airbox.
If you have any questions about the right way to mount the HPA Airbox, Please don’t hesitate to call 0031 30 6878214 or email us.

Mounting instruction in pfd to download