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replacement fuel cap saddle X1, M2, S1 & S3

31-1-2015 - common problem for the stock plastic cap to round out

we have a solution so you can keep you signiture numbered , or just make your fuel cap  to last for ever 

a billet replacement saddle , can be used for lockeble or non lockeble fuel caps 

as the original plastic parts rounds out the flat notches in the saddle very quickly, leaving with a half opening very hard to remove fuel cap

Old model plastic Saddle 

Replacing the saddle is very easy, take a 10 mm socket and unscrew the nyloc nut 

and take the nut , washer and saddle off 


the rounded out hole 

as the plastic gets older, and the turning moment on the flats is huge, it douse not take much force to spin the axle in the plastic


as for the billet aluminium piece 

this will hold better 

the cap is make for lockeble caps, but can also be used on non lockeble caps 


mounting is as easy as pushing the aluminium cap back on,it is a tight fit 

and place the washer and nyloc nut back on, and tighten 

and your fuel cap has a second life 

check the o-ring and put some rubber greas on it to prevent drying out, and the cap is ready 

you can find it here in our Web shop