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How to set TPS on your Buell

13-12-2014 - Little guide for S3 injection, X1, and all XB models 2003-2007

Why do you want to check this ? and set this  ?

For normal maintenance check is ok, TPS value should be something  between 4,8 to 5,5 deg and the bike should idle around 1000 rpm , no adjustment needed if bike is running good.

When your tps is more than 6 deg or lower than 4 deg and still idle at 1000 rpm, is a indication there is something not good, could be leaking seals, bad fuel map, throttle shaft broke, sensor bad , resetting to check if settings where correct , or further actions need to be taken.

Advice / needed to set the tps , after ecm replacement, tps sensor replacement, throttle shaft replacement , ecm programming   

What do you need ?

Allen key 3/16 can be handy , the Tube frame models usually can be turned by hand, we sell these here

A diagnostics program like VDST , Ecm Spy , Tunerpro Rt , Digitech,

Connecting cable to the bike , we sell USB versions

And a Computer off course


Where is this Tps thing,


Tube frame models ( here without left side air scoop ) usually connected to the bracket between the cylinder heads


Xb12 and XB9 models 2003-2007, located behind the Left air scoop , normally connected to the V-brace with a zip tie


Hook up the bike,  to your computer

Xb S/ Sx/ SS/ Stt/ Scg models the diagnostics plug is under the seat. Next to the seat lock,


Uly XB12 X / XT / XP models left side just behind the seat frame rail opening ,

Buell Firebolt XB9R and XB12R modesl left side under the fairing bracket

Tube frame models , depending on the model year the plug can be  right side off the steering head , or under the seat ( next to the fuse box )


Open the program off choise, and key on to connect the program to the bike,

And see where the tps value is at,

so first we try to reset this,

For setting , the throttle valve needs to be closed complete,  as we need to tell the ecm the zero


Make sure your throttle cable have a little play ( can be adjusted on the throttle handle )

And turn the idle adjuster screw out , while you are pulling and releasing the throttle , you hear a sharo metal tap ( throttle stop against the adjuster screw ) , keep turning until you hear the sound change from sharp metal tap to a more dull sound ,

this means the adjuster screw is not toughing the throttle stop anymore, if you now push the throttle and pulling it , it should feel a little sticking , push it back.

And give the reset tps on your computer program , as this being the zero position ,

After this is succeeded , turn the idle adjuster screw back in, to 5,3 deg

The bike should now start, and run idle

Warm up the bike, best to take it for a spin 10- 20 km ,  after returning from the ride, let the bike idle , the idle Rpm should be about 1000 -1050 rpm, adjust if needed to this

in this case the idle needed to drop just a little making the final tps value


If you let the bike idle at a to high rpm, you will notice while decelerating the rpm will hang a little at 2000 rpm and drop slowly, to low Rpm is also not good. 1000 to 1050 is the right rpm