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21-3-2019 Buell X1 refresh

23-2-2021 - What did we do today 21-3-2019 Buell X1 refreshing project, oil pump gear, lifters , push rod base plates, engine mount and primairy inspection

very nice X1 long way from home for a fresh up and nice things — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

the bike is very clean — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

the greasy fingers are mine ..

left scoop of , and horn removal ( other one is comming on )

the stock aribox was still on

incredible pain in the ass constrution.. the rivitnut is pulled out and leaks oil


the inner box i hold on with 3 small screws

oil all over.. something that is normal with the stock airbox

box of and the 3 holders removed

further stripping.. the lower bolt i will replace.. the 5/32 key is al ready slipping

hammered a tq bit in to loosen

front nut bracket and the corrosion on the thread.. common.. i will clean it

tapping out the rivets

chin spoiler screws out

and removing the exhaust

front rocker box gasket is leaking oil

exhaust connection has been ratteling .. looking at the wear marks , clamp was not tight ?

draining the gear box oil

tank out and rocker box covers removing

little napking against leaking

going to push the engine up a little, taking of the shock , removing the canister

and the mounting bolts out

bike suported to remove the shock

front supported..

and losening the front enigne mount

need to tap this one loose and clean the bolts

front engine mount of .. need to clean the mounting bolt to

better acces to the front rocker box now

oil line of .. to drain the tank , very little comes out..

al the oil has run in the case , so case drain plug out

and let it drain

as usual the timing puck up wires are under the starter motor, unable to remove this, need to take the connector apart

with the loose wires sliding under the starter motor

timing cup out

and cam cover breather hose loose

alsway on that dous not play nice , cover of 1 cam came out

the gear is worn, not to bad. but defenaly shows marks

locking the pinion gear, to remove the nut

pinion gear out.. check the key way slot

oil pump gear out

and new bronze one on

gear and nut, ad loctite

and tighen to specifications

push rod covers with base plates of

and anti rotating pins out

old lifters out

and new ones in

preprep these, oil spout to the feed hole and pump untill the oil comes out the top bubble free

we are going to mount the hammer base plates

new o-rings in teh head

for the base plates to fit the pins need to come out

with a cutting pliers works

lifters in , drop of loctite on the end of the treads.. and mounted

best is to mount the rubbers in the base plate

and push the tubes through, so the seals are in tight. hold a little pressure on the base plate while mounting

some assembly lube on the cams

lining up

follwo the dots

gasket on , breather hose mounted and cover mounted.. tq the bolts

timing cup on

the push rods and rocker boxes can be mounted. old style bolts have long ones and short ones for the rocket box ( the new bolts are all the same length )

tq down the box

and XB rocker covers are going on ( better breather system )

front one the same .. easy with the front mount out

XB cover on

cleaning the bolts

whoop ... nice massive mount needs to go on

cleaned the 1/2 bolt and some neverseas on teh shaft to protect against corrosion

the top front tie rod mounted back

and new head bolts mounted.. neverseas on the shafts

and loctite on the threads

tq down the bolt , so these have optimum strenght

other end mounted back top tie rod

coil can go back on

new shifter system is going to be mounted.. so removing the old set

shift lever loose

do not pry this with a screw driver.. it will break

instead use a lever from behind to push it of

clutch cable adjuster loose

primairy chain lock nut loose

and losening the cover

old style tensioner shoe..

the thin baseplate . will break on you ( wonder this had not happened on this bike )

new tensioner shoe on.. with thick base plate

pulling plate out

and primairy drive of , the shifter detent plate is already a new model one .. all is well

but i think the front crank seal is about leaking

the spacer comes out easy , and the rubber is very hard..i pull this one out.. ( mounted wrong btw )

and put a new one in , like this ,

seal in place

spacer cleaned and pushed in , some starter lube on

front sprocket back on.. use red loctite on the threads

and clutch basket on