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100+ HP kit Twin Motorcycles

7-1-2014 - We developed the beste stage 1 kit in the market so far. This article is to show the indepent testing that is done with it. And we are the first to hit the 100 HP mark on a stock engine.

We started with the testing and tuning of the XR1200 in 2008 the article can be found HERE, we then decided to develop our own exhaust system becuase we where disappointed with the results, The Torque Hammer for the XR1200 was born, more info can be found HERE and also the development of it.

In the meanwhile we developed a stage 1 kit for the sportsters and a lot off other stuff. We new we needed to make a E-Mark system and we still left some power on the table in the first Torque Hammer. Whe then decided to develop a new airbox because we new there was something to gain. The development off that can be found HERE.

When we developed the airbox and the New exhaust system we came with the idea off making a system that will outperform the current exhaust systems, and where you can change with only 1 bolt to a E-Mark system. We then developed the E-Mark system all info can be found HERE. We now own the best performing XR1200-XR1200X stage 1 kit in the market.

We asked Powerglides in the United Kingdom a more the 20 year experienced shop in tuning HD and Sportsters to test our first Torque Hammer system. That info will be added much later in this article. We also asked them to test our newTorque Hammer II System.

Below you can read the test resultes Powerglide did with a different Tuner called Direct Link. We use TTS for tuning both are very good systems to tune the Sportster and the XR1200.

The comment below is from Powerglides.

 Independantly testing the Torque Hammer II and HPA airbox

I am absolutely stunned by how good this is. I did 100 miles in the pouring rain last night, and the driveability and power is how this bike should have come from the factory. I couldn't nail it through the gears because the back end get getting loose. When I've got more time I'll dispense with the superlatives and resume my normal "matter of fact" way of describing the testing in stages. And, yes, these are SAE corrected figures.

 And the Graph 100 HP SAE corrected on the rear wheel


 Here is a explaination of the colors in the graphs below:

Blue = stock airbox, stock airfilter, euro flap removed.
Red = stock airbox, K&N filter, and dick hole
Black= new HPA airbox

Unlike the earlier TH1, the quiet baffle makes very little difference to the shape of the curve.


 And this is how it compares against the TH1 and Free Spirits air cleane,r that I did last month. Exhaust is much quieter on the new version.


The stock XR cams are the best cams H-D have ever used in a standard bike, even though they are noisy. That's not to say that there aren't better ones out there from the aftermarket, but the exhaust and airbox have been specifically developed around an otherwise stock motor. Impressed the sh*t out of me.

All the R&D that Dris has done has moved the game on. The TH11 makes more power and torque than the TH1. I don't believe that he has yet tested the new airbox with the older TH. As I understand it, all the development for the airbox, particularly the internal velocity stack, was based around how it would interact with the new pipe. I currently have no idea how this airbox would work with any other pipe. Thing is, as with any properly developed performance package, the parts are designed to interact together. If any of the individual components happen to work with something else it is a bonus.

I've actually got the quiet insert removed, as it isn't too loud anyway. There isn't a power band as such, as it all fairly linear. Having said that, from 5500 upwards it all happens very quickly. If it ever stops raining over here, I am really looking forward to nailing it through the lower gears. I tried this last night a couple of times, but common sense prevailed. Yes, tuned with Direct Link, as that is now all that I will work with. Strangely enough, the bike is also really nice to ride slowly. Damn, I'm still buzzing

Hmmm. New TH11 and HPA airbox versus a dyno tuned Remus with K&N. I'm no rocket scientist, but.....



Here is the THII compared with the first of the race bikes that I tuned. This had the Termi 2-1-2 and pipercross filter. I had also modified the baffles to try and improve that torque dip. The later race bikes I did both had the Harris pipes on which had less of a dip.2" headers on the XR is bad for torque. The TH headers are smaller than the H-D ones, but like the Buell XB9 has, and I assume that Dris figured this advantage out from the work he has done with the Buells.This TH11 is also way quieter than the Termis. The race teams I worked with had similar issues having to "modify" the exhaust to meet the noise testing when going on track for practice sessions. If there was ever another race series over here, the TH11 and airbox would be the way to go, especially as the airbox is flush with the tank along the side.


So far the info on the testing later more news.


And here is a nice graph, The stock bike and our stage 1 kit fitted.


The HPA High Performance airbox can be found HERE.


The Torque Hammer 2-1 Race system can be found HERE


The complete Stage 1 kit with a tuner for your ECM can be found HERE