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500 CC new Harley-Davidson is coming

5-11-2013 - Can it be true the Buell Blast follow up

Motorcycle News 2013: Latest 500 cm3 at Harley-Davidson?


It's official Harley announches a new 750 CC and 500 CC motorcycle.






Motorcycle News 2013: Latest 500 cm3 at Harley-Davidson?
Although the MoCo has denied any plans for mid-displacement low-cost, rumors increasingly are persistent reports of the imminent arrival of a single-cylinder 500 cm3 in the Harley-Davidson. This bike has two strategic interests: allow the brand to better penetrate the Indian market and fill the void left by the Buell Blast with beginners in North America.
And the Buell Blast, precisely, could well serve as a technical basis for this “Harley for newbies.” At least its engine – a “half-Sportster” which has notoriously développenent great cost to Milwaukee – mounted in a frame and has a more typical custom trim.
In any case that, according to the U.S. HD forums, several dealers have said their clients. The 500 signed Harley-Davidson, we talk about for years: in 2013 she will be that of achieving? Response in late July, with the presentation of the first wave of new Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary …


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 For several years now there have been rumours about a lower capacity Harley, a single cylinder motorcycle mainly aimed at beginners and meant for mass market sale in the Asian countries. The 500c Harley is said to be based on the existing Sportster and would have a single cylinder version of the same engine.

These speculation got more backing after an Harley Davidson official, un-officially mentioned its plans to set up a manufacturing plant in India. This would not only enable them to bring down the prices of existing models which correctly come in via the CKD (completely knocked-down) route and get assembled here but also go ahead and make mass market entry level models. The folks at Harley Davidson are in-fact already scouting locations for the plant, top officials at Harley Davidson had the following to say “These initiatives are at a very early stage. The new plant has been planned as the Indian market has shown explosive growth in superbikes in the past few years, albeit on a comparatively smaller base.”


Update 12-9-2013


Reporter- Jeff Engel of The Business Journal


Gizmag first reported that Harley-Davidson is developing a cheaper, 500cc motorcycle that would primarily target “restricted-license riders” in Europe and Australia, as well as new riders in India and other parts of Asia. 

Gizmag spoke with Harley-Davidson Motor Co. president and chief operating officer Matt Levatich at the company’s 110th anniversary celebration in Milwaukee, who said he has already ridden the prototype.

Harley-Davidson spokeswoman Maripat Blankenheim confirmed the company is working on a smaller bike, but wouldn’t confirm it will be a 500cc.

“We’ve said in the past that we were interested in developing a smaller motorcycle that would be attractive to riders and consumers worldwide,” Blankenheim told The Business Journal. “We’ve always said we would develop a smaller motorcycle in response to customers telling us this is something they would like. It would stand to reason that we would be looking at a bike that fit that mold but also would be genuinely Harley-Davidson.”

She didn’t have a timeline for release.

“It’ll be as soon as we make sure that it’s ready for prime time,” Blankenheim said.


update 4-11-2013:

It's official Harley announches a new 750 CC and 500 CC motorcycle.