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29-8-2020 Voltage regulator XB 2008 -2010 models

18-11-2020 - New Voltage Regulator from Twin Motorcycles for the Buell XB 9/12 2008-2010 models.

After testing the base regulator unit we have made a new regulator for the 2003-2007 Buell XB models.

We now developed also a regulator for the Buell XB 2008-2010 models. We see these regulators having much problems.

note !

new connectors on the stator and bike are needed (these are suplied with the kit) In this article we show you how to replace them yourself.

We looked for a long time for replacement connectors, but these are moulded on the wires, and we where done with the failing  and bas service and back order issues of the stock regulator.

We made our own mounting bracket black powder coated for mounting and better cooling. ( less radiant heat from the cylinders )

It comes with complete stainless hardware, no extra plugs or hardware needed. so a better product for  less the price of a OEM part.

  • Designed with Mosfet Technology; a cooler running rectifier-regulator

  • Custom mounting plate to mount on the original holes 

  • the mounting plate also acts as a heat barrier so less effect of radiant heat  front cylinder 

  • comes with new watter proof connectors and terminals ( green wire is ground and the red wire is positive ) 

Mounting  instructions

First remove the battery connections !! 


Assemble mounting plate and attach regulator ( 5 mm allen and 10 mm spanner )



Now locate the battery and ground cable coming from the bike , note on the connector a + for battery is shown. Mark this cable with tape so you know this is battery +  and crimp the loose terminals to the cables



Do this also for the 2 stator wires


Mount the regulator to the bike

5/32 allen key  ( or 4 mm)  for the original screws, the regulator can move some on the mounting plate to give room to better access the screws , and tighten the 2 M6 nuts to securely mount the regulator,

Guide the wires and secure with zipties to the brace


Guide the wires and secure with zipties to the brace, the yellow wires should be connectec to the stator leads, and the red and green wires should go to the battery and ground cables , mount the left hand scoop back using some zipties to secure the wires to the scoop




Reconnect the battery connections and test the bike for charging

 ( depending on the charge state of the battery this can be between 13,5 to 14,5 volts )



to buy this parts see here the link to our webshop TM-Y0302.5A8

for info or questions, please contact us   or call +31 30 6878214