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How to understand my Buell VIN number

15-12-2011 - Here is a Handy article, to understand your VIN Number

A lot of times we ask our customers, what Model and year is your Buell, you would be surprised about how many don't know or doubt.

For this reason we made these handy VIN sheets and put them all together for the most common Buell models, (with thanks to Martin).

This is a easy to use model, just write your VIN down, It is on the right side of your Frame under the top triple Tree (on your steering head) , and hold it against one of the model sheets for your Buell model. If you need help, just mail us


1999-2001 Buell S3, X1, M2


1995-1996 Buell S2


1996-1997 Buell S1


1997-1998 Buell M2


2003-2005 Buell XB


2009-2010 Buell XB and Buell 1125R and 1125CR


2006-2008 Buell XB and 2008 Buell 1125R


2000-2010 Buell Blast