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1987 Buell RR1000 BattleTwin nr. 50

13-8-2010 - The world famous Buell RR1000 BattleTwin nr. 50 is coming to the Netherlands. Formely owned by Aaron Wilson, and used for the Team Elves landspeedrecords at Bonneville. The proudly new owner is Twin Motorcycles in the Netherlands.

If we have the bike in the netherlands, We will make a nice article. Here is some background information and some first pictures, who are allready on the internet.

Background of the Buell RR1000


The Buell RR1000 was Erik Buell's first production bike, made in his garage in Wisconsin. A total of 52 of them were

made: a prototype, a race bike campaigned by Don Tilley named 'Lucifer's Hammer II', and 50 production bikes.

Erik needed to make 50 production bikes to homologate the bike for the Battle of the Twins series. He started the

production run in 1986 and completed it in the spring of 1988 when this bike rolled out of his garage.


RR1000 bodywork is based on the Harley Davidson XRTT bodywork that was extensively developed

in the Cal-Tech wind tunnel in the late 60's. But Erik completed the bodywork, adding a large front fender

and a tapered tail section to reattach the airflow, as well as an integrated gas tank. The RR1000 is the most

aerodynamic production bike ever made, with a lower CdA than even the Suzuki Hayabusa.


All 52 of the Buell RR1000's used the famous XR1000 Harley Davidson engine. The XR1000 engine uses the

XR dual-carb heads from the XR750 flat track race bike placed on essentially a 1000cc Sportster engine.


Erik Buell shut down Buell Motor Company in 1993, and in partnership with Harley Davidson formed a new company,

'Buell Motorcycle Company'. This is the company that's making Buell motorcycles today, and Erik's position is

Chief Technical Officer. But parts for the old Buell Motor Company bikes are still available

through a support company Erik set up called 'EFB Design'.



I also found some rare S2.