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XR1200 Torque Hammer stage 1 kit

29-4-2015 - Oke, our first XR1200 full exhaust system is finished and we made our complete stage 1 KIT. Below I will keep all the progress and pictures of the development for our stage 1 kit.

The name of this exhaust system is also Torque Hammer like for the Buell's, it is our trading name for the exhaust we make, The reason we choose this name is because it makes a lot of torque at 3000 RPM and HP all thew way to Red Line 7000 RPM.

In the sheet below you see al 4 latest prototypes exhaust i build and developed and that we tested with big headers small headers etc etc. To get a beautiful Torque band and a very flat Torque band all up to red line. This is the only exhaust in the market that makes that flat torque curve untill 6000 RPM.

Here is the complete older XR1200 exhaust testing article: where it all started making a complete exhaust for the Buell engine in the XR1200X.

In the sheet below you see the green line, with that prototype exhaust i made 116 NM on the rear wheel at 3500 RPM. There was no topend HP and Torque, But a lot concentrated at 3500 RPM. But that was the max the engine could produce (-: After understanding this, I developed the final exhaust system, with making a lot of DYNO hours and different setups before. It took me about 4 weeks of longs days to develop this system and get these results.


And here below, is the final product,

The Blue line is with db-killer 92.1 HP and 110 NM of Torque

The Red line is with no db-killer 89.9 HP and 109 NM of Torque

This is done on another dyno, with same bike with very rich setup, becuase they would like to test and fit the headers.


There is no exhaust in the world for this engine that will give you this amount of Torque on such a big RPM range. I drove the bike yesterday and it is all and all fun, torque everywhere and a lot. Beutiful product. When you do the gearing change modification, it still pulls like a train.


Here are the final pictures from today:

Especially for my friends on the track, LOOK AT THE GROUND CLEARANCE. DOWN BELOW (-:

Here is a final graph below we got from our exhaust manufacturer, Look at that Torque Below beuatiful Powerband:

Today was too busy to dyno, I hope to adjust the WOT tomorrow and post the final results made on our dyno.


Update 29-6-2010:

When I tested the Vances and Hines exhaust I Know i was very enthusiastic about that system.

Now our system go's in Production people ask me what should i buy, and why. I think that is a good question.

Down below you see a graph with the Vanes and Hines system BLUE LINE and our system GREEN AND RED LINE with and without db-killer.



The Blue Line is the Tuned vances and Hines,

Red line is the torque Hammer with race Baffle, and Green line is without race Baffle.

On our Torque Hammer the Torque will start at 2500-3000 and ends or go's down at 6000.

All the way it is a Horizontal line That is not the case with the Vances and Hines System.

If You look at the HP line our Exhaust will make more the 92 HP on the rear wheel. That dyno was made with a very rich fuel map on another dyno, I can tune there 1-2 more HP. So Compared to the vanses and hines, our Torque Hammer system ahs much more torque at a brother power band so every where you drive there is torque. Combine that with our 200% fitted fuel map and you will love the bike even more.

Down below you see the vanes and hines RED LINE combined with our exhaust BLUE LINE




And here down in the graph is a run BLUE LINE with a bone stock XR1200 nothing done to the bike, and our Stage1 Kit RED LINE mounted.




pasing fast

fast accelarating



You can purchase the XR1200 Torque Hammerfullexhaust system product here:

This first version is no longer availeble please look herefor the New and better version

Update 1-7-2010:

Somebody asked me to post a graph with the Remus 2-1 system with tune, compared with the 2-1 Torque Hammer.

Look below:

The BLUE line is the Remus completly tuned the ECM

The RED line is our Torque Hammer completly tuned the ECM

What a huge difference.


Update 08-07-2010:

Oke Tuesday the exhaust manufacturer is bringing back the bike.

Then i can start making the fuelmap for it and see what my dyno brings.

I am now testing stuff for 1 off the 3 Buell's I will dyno at Glendale Harley Davidoson's  in august 2010 in California to take to Bonneville in August 2010 to set some speed records, I am testing different stack hights now interesting stuff i can say.. May the speed be with us..

Update 20-07-2010:

I was test riding with our new Torque Hammer exhaust, I had a lot of fun untill??

And there was the check engine light and battery light coming up. Bike woulden't start.

My buddy picked me up with the truck and we start measuring, oke, stator ain't working so we opened up the primary.

This is wat we found:

one of the rotor screws came out, was broken off and wrecked the stator. When checking

the rest all of them where not very tight, so we drilled out the one that was broken,

cleaned everything used a good locktide and tighjtend them. We also used a Buell XB Accell

stator we changed the pugs because we have them in stock and good expereinces with them.

We suggest, that when you change the oil, please check the screws.


Update 22-7-2010:

So the first shipment came in just before the Holidays:

Here a picture what is in the Box:

Our logo on the exhaust:

And Mounted on the first customer bike:


update 24-7-2010

I finished the first XR1200 tuning for our first customer with our Torque Hammer.

Here is the final graph 92.8 HP and 106 NM of Torque SAE corrected.



I took the bike for a spin on the road early this morning to be 100% sure there are no problems.. Man it rides beautiful unbelievable strong through all the RPM range 7500 (-:.

It go's so quick to the red line that when i watch my tago i allready made 200 KM/phour.

Torque everywhere all RPM range, this is a winning concept we are very very happy with how the XR1200 is riding.

I also corrected the old dyno sheet from my tuner with mine and to compare this, I took away the SAE Correction to have a equal compare look down:



The Blue graph is from my Exhaust manaufacturers dyno room done on my 2010 XR1200 with a rich fuelmap


The red one is the complete tuned XR2009 from today


So I am a happy man, and go back to my dyno and finish the 2010 fuelmap.


Update 6-8-2010:

Here is the black version






Update 09-08-2010:

And a story of a Happy Customer:

Dear Dris:  I am writing to tell you what a great experience I have had with you and your company Twin Motorcycles.  I am 58 years old, I have owned over 25 motorcycles(dirtbikes, sportbikes, cruisers) and I have been riding since the age of 13.  I have always enjoyed working to maintain, modify and improve my own motorcycles and find that to be a very important and satisfying part of my motorcycling experience.  I have had my 2009 Harley Davidson XR1200 for 1 1/2 years and it is the bike I like the most of all those I have owned.  The look, sound, and proper tuning for the aftermarket exhaust is one of the most important modifications any of us can make to our motorcycles.  Throttle response, sound, and performance are a major part of our riding experience.  I previously had a Remus Header that I custom fitted with a Supertrapp racing muffler on my XR.  While I was  happy with the performance and excellent map that an XR1200 Owners Group forum member built for me, I always thought that a fully engineered complete system with a matching map would be best. I could not find anyone very close to where I live that I trusted to make the map and none of the available exhaust systems had all the features to meet my personal requirements more than  what I already had. After Dris answered many questions, I decided to order the exhaust system from Dris at Twin Motorcycles.  I was impressed with the development of the exhaust and the amount of time he invested in developing the map. I am now very excited and pleased with the Torque Hammer exhaust and the custom matching map which Dris re-flashed into my ECM.  It works great even here in the U.S. with our fuel and different weather.  I have only used the exhaust with the DB killer removed. The sound of an exhaust is so important to me and it is very personal. To me, this exhaust idles and cruises without being too loud for my neighbors but comes on with a great deep throaty Harley sound when the throttle is opened-just a perfect great sounding exhaust.  The map is wonderful as well in every way with great acceleration, smooth cruising and added torque/HP across the rpm range. It is a truly noticeable improvement over my prior system.  Customer service by Dris has been fantastic.  All emails and questions answered promptly. Quick shipping with tracking number supplied. Honestly, I am not that easy to please and so particular when it comes to my motorcycle but I have to say that I am very happy with this exhaust with matching map and recommend Dris and Twin Motorcycles very highly!!  Mort Gelberd, South Florida, USA


And a picture of his bike:



update 18-09-2010:


Here is the graph with the test results done in the USA. There was a exhaust shoout out where all exhaust systems where tested. Below is a graph with the best 3 and our exhaust is the big winner with our Torque Hammer full exhaust system.

This data is also published on internet:

Update Update 23-09-2010:


Today we send a exhaust system with a set of bigger Headers to the USA for testing on a 1250 KIT for the XR1200.


When everything is tested, we then send it to a shop that will test it on a 88 CI kit for the XR1200.


More news will follow.




update 6-10-2010:


First Torque Hammer in Japan:



And a small note about the first impression:


I used TTS MasterTune and few ready made maps from Dris to get ECM done. I found that easiest solution for me, since I don't know where I could find dyno here in Japan.
Using MasterTune was very easy and fast to download new maps to ECM.

This setup pulls very strong and there is huge difference in torque.
Example riding 3rd gear and running from 2800 rmp to red zone it pulls very strong. I never could believe that this works so well.
Sound of this pipe is very cool, not too loud and but still very Harley like. I use it with dB killer.
But as I get more mileage on it, I will tell more about how it runs.

p.s. Actually it pulls so strong, that I get first speeding ticket here in Japan, when I was first test ride in highway last night. I´m very glad that I still have my Japanese driving license, after sitting 30min in police car back seat.



Update 10-11-2010:


Speed Demon Cycles & Twin Motorcycles team up for 2011 race season!


Speed Demon Cycles is pleased to announce that Twin Motorcycles has signed on as a sponsor for the 2011 racing season! Twin Motorcycles will be supplying the Torque Hammer full exhaust system and mapping for the #828 XR1200 being run by Rob Ruggiero in the 2011 LRRS racing series and the NJMP racing series!

To learn more about the Torque Hammer exhaust system please visit this link

Speed Demon Cycles is also pleased to announce that they will be a dealer for Torque Hammer exhaust system here in the United States.

When asked about this new partnership Rob Ruggiero had this to say ' I'm really excited about the opportunity to work with Dris and Twin Motorcycles. I've followed Twin Motorcycles development of the Torque Hammer exhaust and it really looks like this will be the perfect exhaust to get the most out of the XR1200.
We were actually thinking about retiring the XR and moving on to another project but I'm happy to say that Speed Demon Cycles will be back in full force for the 2011 season! We have a bunch of unfinished business on the XR and having great sponsors like Twin Motorcycles and Torque Hammer exhausts will surely help us get the results we believe we are capable of!'

To follow Rob and the Speed Demon Cycles race team please visit our website and become a fan of there Facebook page @

If you would like to sponsor or help out with the #828 XR1200 please contact Rob at

Twin Motorcycles knows that The exhaust system they developed is the best in the market at the moment.

In the graph down you see the difference with the Remus system that makes no top end power.



And here below is the Vance and Hines, also a lack of power at top end:


So we are really confinient that the Racers with our Full Exhaust system and our Tune, should be able to win races.

Here is the 2011 LRRS schedule. All races held at NHMS, Loudon NH USA.

2011 Schedule
April 16 & 17
May 14 & 15
June 17, 18, & 19
July 23 & 24
August 20 & 21
September 3 & 4
October 15 & 16


update 7-12-2010:

Here is a USA customer who wrote a story about our Torque Hammer on the XR1200 forum:


I went with the TH and am really pleased I did.

Just a run down of the TH first:

Thrown on the dyno with Dris's generic map (No 02 sensors) it pulled 92 hp and 77.2 ft-lbs of torque (with the torque above 70 from 3000 rpm and above).
It previously ran 82hp 68ft-lbs on the same dyno with the Remus with supertrapp.
My bike with stock exhaust ran 78hp and 64ft-lbs on the same brand of dyno (Dynojet 250) but at a different shop.
So bottom line I would comfortably say the TH added 10 + hp and 10+ ft=lbs over stock.

It pulled a hp or two less with the other TH map running the o2 sensors.

Interestingly, Steve (Nerang dynotuner extrordinare) had tuned another XR1200 that had a D&D exhaust and power commander installed. Comparing dyno results you really couldnt choose between them. Both had 92 hp peak and the D&D had 0.6 more ft-lb of peak torque at 77.8....but the TH had 5 ft-lb more at 3500 rpm (the D&D just had a lit dip at that point). Like I said, nothing really in it BUT the D&D IMO was the performance benchmark. If you are matching that pipe for performance you are on the money. (The D&D is the performance benchmark but is 10 lbs heavier, louder and with less cornering clearance than standard). The D&D was specifically tuned for that bike. My dyno run was done using Dris's generic map. Mine could have been fine tuned specifically for my bike to pull another couple of horses.

I recently did 4000 kms in 5 days and the bike and exhaust performed admirably. Even 2 up the bike pulled like a train with no dead spots or stutters....basically ran smooth as silk. Since we were riding with petrol station 200kms apart I installed the map which uses the o2 sensors. It ran 20.4 kms per litre or around 260kms per tank which made the trip easier. I plan to run the other map on the local runs and run 200 km per tank.

The pipe clearance is much better than stock. It is comforting to know that the exhaust wont scrape straight after the footpegs do, like with the stock exhaust.

Comparing the TH to the Termi.
Power: The TH wins hands down IMO. I have not seen anyone pull D&D/TH numbers out of the Termi. I have seen a few Termi dyno runs and they seem to be pulling 5hp and 5ft-lbs more than stock. After fiddling with the Remus headers with supertrapp, I feel the Remus and Termi headers are just way too big. As I said above, I think the TH is pulling 10+ more HP and torque than stock.
If you like the Termi results on Streetrackers early dyno comparison, you would like his later comparison with the TH added. The TH is pulling 6hp and 6+ ft-lbs more for most of the upper mid range.

Looks: The Termi headers look better but the tail pipe is way too long IMO. I prefer the TH except for the front header pipe bend.....but looks are your call dont need my opinion.

Weight, clearance and build quality: I dont think there is much in it.

Sound: Hard to tell from the internet clips of the Termi....but I really do like the sound of my TH.

Cost: I though the TH was way cheaper!!

And here is the link on the forum:


update 20-2-2011:

Below you find a graph with no correction on HP and lb-ft. It is not easy on internet for somebody who is not in the dyno every day to understand correction

SAE standards. This below is my dyno when used as the most dyno's on the internet. Our Torque Hammer full exhaust system for the XR1200 makes now

97 HP and 82 LB-FT.


The test is done on this bike:

 And a picture/story off the bike from Jeff from the USA

Well I managed to get some miles on the bike today what a great day. OMG wheelies no problem 40 fters, unbelievably strong pull right off of idle, sounds pretty good, a lot different than what I'm used to. Much more throaty but not obnoxious, very tolerable at cruising speed. Which brings me up to my next subject. I had her out on the interstate hit 126mph laying on the tank tucked in tight, got into some light traffic so I backed her down to 80 got off at the next exit from lane 3 to exit a quick escape, then trough the twisties off the off ramp like a champ, stuck like glue. I get to the light and look in the rear view there is a big gray Crown Victoria behind me. OPPS!  I'm thinkin take my time. Come to the next light and I'm thinkin here we go, but still nothin. Get to the next light and I here BUDDY! I lift my visor and look its a Statey reading me the riot act. "If I ever see you do that again I'll make sure you never get a license Bla Bla Bla". Flames were shooting out of his eyes, he was pissssed off. So I'm a gentleman about the whole thing and want to shake his hand to say thanks for not busting me. "I dont want to shake your hand, you ought to know better than to drive like that bla bla bla" (Do I'm thinkin) He lets me go. Wow about this time I need a beer. So I did, it runs sooooo good much better than I would have expected. Thanks Dris for the incredible work you did I'm very happy! I did manage to snap some shots of the bike today with the new mods.

A happy customer from Sweden

Dris - what have you done to my bike?

I can't believe the transformation your exhaust and mapping made to my bike!

I mounted the pipes and the map yesterday evening.....of course it started to snow so I had to wait for the first test until today....late afternoon...

What a sound
How smooth it runs
How strong it is

Everybody that has given good reviews before me set my expectations fairly high but the outcome exceeded them.

I'm running the db-killers and the tune for that and the bike is much more responsive to every twist you do with your right wrist, I have to start using gas control when pushing out of the corners. This wasn't needed before since the power came late and not as strong.

It's still freaking winter up here so the road temp was probably not above 3degree Celsius (37 F) and i didn't wanna push the tires too hard so I ran out of guts before the engine ran out of power but the speedo indicated 175km/h (108mph)

I use to have a Superduke 990, specs for that was 120hk and 100Nm of torque at the crank, and I can say that this set up is as strong as that but not as edgy if you get what I mean.

Super tune and super pipes - love them. I'm gonna record the sound and post it somewhere


And with thanks to richard and his fotograph skills


Take a ride with our stage 1 kit mounted.


XR1200 with stage 1 kit on the track with db-killer



XR1200 with Torque Hammer stage 1 kit with db-killer


 XR1200 with Torque Hammer stage 1 kit WITHOUT db-killer


Update 23-7-2011:

Here's Steve from australia who just posted a comment on the forum about installing our latest update for the XR1200 ECm with Torque Hammer and db-killer installed.

what a view

installed dris's lastest creation today and took the bike for a test run into the rainforrest.. bike is running sweet. but check out this view


At this moment this is the only complete Kit for your Sportster that you can buy in the market with the best performance for you Sportster.

It is developed with Mastertune software and makes the bike run very reliable and strong. We cannot find any package in the world that give you from day 1 that you start the bike no more problems. No more jerky feelings, Very good performance, the Best HP and Torque in the market. We truly think we developed the best Performance and Tuning stage 1 Kit for your Sportster, that makes you happy from day 1. We have lifetime support on our Fuel products with free ECM updates.



NEW STAGE 1 KIT update 27-3-2012


We are developing a new stage 1 KIT with a new exhaust and airbox.


The airbox development and the exhaust development can be found here:


Today i dynoed Richard's bike with the new race slip-on no db-killer and our New airbox in the final design.


I pulled uncorrected 101.1 HP and 118 NM of Torque. (am i the first who achieved the 100+ HP on a stock engine?



When i use my SAE correction wich is heavy with my barometric correction and Weather correction we achieved 95 HP and 111 NM of Torque



n the sheet below, You can see the last dyno run with our prototype airbox RED LINE and our prototype exhaust and prototype airbox compared to our new stage 1 kit with new exhaist and new airbox . Both have SAE Correction


I think we made the best complete kit in the market that nobodu untill today will beat.





 Here is a picture to give you a idea why we choose TTS and what we adjust in your ECM, it's a lot to let this baby run right



This message is for all Customers worldwide who run a Stage 1 kit from Twin Motorcycles on there XR1200 or XR1200X . We have improved TTS ECM files for free for the Race Version and the E-Mark version. Send us a e-mail; to get them. We also have tested them on the road the last 2 weeks.